It’s such a pleasure to be the fangrrrl of such a class act

Richard Armitage at Captain America premiere in New York City, July 2011 — quickly becoming my favorite photo of the man.

Richard Armitage responds to fan recognition of his 40th birthday at Richard Armitage Online. Thanks to people who alerted me last night and/or this morning; I was already away from the computer. This message sounds relaxed, contented, and at peace, and I’m just so happy for him.

I apologize that our contribution is not yet included in the total of JustGiving contributions he mentions. I seem to have a singular talent for organizing fundraisers to coincide with stressful moments in the academic year. Commentators made 71 unique comments to generate a total donation of £71 (GBP). I’ll be donating this amount as soon as I have a chance and will make a thank you post with the receipt incorporated.

There’ll be another post later today; for now I have to get my act to class.


Happy Birthday month Richard Armitage! In honor of this event, consider donating your time, energy, and thoughts / prayers to an effort that’s meaningful to you. If you need a suggestion, here’s a link to Mr. Armitage’s recommended charities at JustGiving, as well as a link to means of generating a charity contribution on his behalf at, and a link to Act!onAid, a child sponsorship organization for which he recorded a voiceover in December 2010. Donate to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal here.

~ by Servetus on August 25, 2011.

41 Responses to “It’s such a pleasure to be the fangrrrl of such a class act”

  1. He does sound happy and relaxed — I, for one, am glad to see he’s not succumbing to the “I’m turning 40!” set of anxieties. Or at least not publicly. And why should he — he’s better-looking, and a finer actor, than when he was younger!

    I’m with you, BTW, on that photo. Gorgeous.


  2. Wasn’t it a lovely letter of thanks? I wonder how many other “stars” would be so prompt in recognizing their fans’ messages, etc.? Makes me admire him more and more. Yes, I also totally agree with the comment regarding his getting better with age. I’ve been following him for about 10 years now and it’s so true that he’s even better-looking and sexy and a more proficient actor even than he was at 30.


  3. What’s interesting to me about his ongoing artistic improvement is that’s been my observation that most people feel they’re done learning by the time they’re 40 at the very, very latest (and that seems to include ever increasing numbers of academics). I’m sympathetic to the problem of feeling overwhelmed by ongoing challenges, but I’m so impressed by people who seek them out — and Armitage seems to fall in this category. Good for him.


  4. I almost cried with happiness when I read this this morning–because, yes, he sounds so happy and “in a good place” both literally and figuratively.
    And that makes ME so happy as his dedicated fangirl. *squee*

    He is indeed sexier, more handsome and a better actor with every role, methinks. He just seems to get better inside and out. He is on a grand adventure with this movie project and I believe no matter how wearing it may be at times on mind and body, he is lovin’ every minute of it and I can’t wait to see his Thorin on the big screen.

    I always want to be learning–until I turn up my toes. I have deep admiration for some friends who did not take up painting until they were in their 60s and 70s. My dearest Frances Frakes, who is in her mid-80s and has only one eye, still takes art classes in various cities and paints the most beautiful religious icons.

    I remember overhearing a student at the school where I used to teach, who was probably 16 at the time, boasting he hadn’t read a book since he was 12. I didn’t think that was anything to brag about. 😦

    I continue to find Mr. A–who is always working at improving himself, taking on new challenges, and going from strength to strength–a true inspiration.:D Hail, Good KIng Rich!


    • love that he included a line in the message about not being able to wait to share it with us. He really knows how much we care and wants to do a good job for us, too.


      • Yes, he is having this marvelous time creating this character and he knows we are watching and listening and reading all we can as his journey continues and I do think he sincerely wants to “make us proud.” 😀 There are going to be a lot of radiant and proud RA fans, I suspect, when The Hobbit comes out and the world begins to discover what a marvelous find this man is. WE already knew it, of course. 🙂


  5. How lovely of him to take the time in his very busy schedule to write a letter of thanks so speedily, and what a lovely , gracious letter of thanks. I, like Kathryn, wonder how many other “stars” would be so prompt in recognizing their fans’ messages, etc.?

    The man has real class and I admire him more and more the longer I am a “fan”. I also agree that he gets better with age. I’ve been following his career for some 6 years now and -yes- he’s better-looking , sexier and a even more skilful actor than he was when I first saw him.

    I just adore this man – and I especially love his warmth, humour and humility.

    And I love the photo, Servetus.


  6. Thank you, Servetus, for alerting me to the RA-message. What a wonderful and lighthearted way to respond and refer to his fans.


  7. What I liked best of the letter it’s that it sounds so sincere… and not written by a Public Relation agency!


  8. Can’t think of anything clever to say –
    Just – “What a sweetheart”.


    • You’re channeling the end of Sylvester, no? 🙂

      I guess it would be presumptuous for me to call him “my darling.”


  9. Is he the sweetest man ever? I think I fell a little bit more in love with him today.


    • Would have been hard not to. Although one wonders: is there a sort of end point of falling in love? A point than which one cannot go deeper?


  10. *gulp* I didn’t say I don’t like the beard…did I? Whoa! You’re right. The above photo is rapidly advancing as a fav. Gasp. I can’t believe I just said that!!!

    About the note…all I can think of is “bless his heart”. Last sentences tell the story: “What a gift to be here, in this place, at this time. I can’t wait to share it with everyone. I am a very fortunate man.”


    • Me too, NB (and Servetus) regarding the picture! WOW!! It’s hard not to “squee” when these NY Premiere pictures pop up on my screen. There is something about the suit, the open-necked white shirt and those oh-so-beautiful blue eyes as well as the fact that he seems to radiate good health that is rather overwhelming! That truly sweet note elicited the same “bless his heart” from me too I have to say!!


    • you gotta watch it with him. He might be able to convince you of anything eventually.


  11. The part of the message that blows me away is that he refers to “our” four charities, and not his, giving the credit to his fans when he’s the one that set up them up. His humbleness shines through once again. Not so sure that many celebrities would be so generous to their fans.

    I also love the way that he now refers to us as ‘our little community’.

    I feel honoured that he has given us the opportunity to help others in need as a way to say thank and pay tribute to him.

    Don’t you just love him more and more with each message he writes? *sigh* *thud* 🙂


    • indeed — that “our” seems to be appearing more frequently now. It’s really heart-warming.

      *thud* indeed 🙂


  12. He surprises me every time. I know that has a lot of work, and yet found time to write a message. Oh, I thought this is not possible but I adore him even more. (And he mentioned my country *thud* I really cried but they were tears of joy)


    • Poles: you are such patriots 🙂

      I agree that it was really wonderful of him to send the note now. It increases his reputation for grace and politeness and seems to come from a sort of inner ethic that I admire very much.


  13. ……….I wish I was a “sweet smelling” Elf, then I would definitely join the Family. While finding our way through the amazing mysterious realm of middle earth, I would stay close to him -keeping him warm, “drunk” and safe- being overwhelmingly happy and grateful for having the opportunity to experience this extra ordinary journey with him……………….

    FH 😉


  14. And what a great present it is for me! 😀 (Note is dated on my Bday)

    He sounds very contented, but also very much aware how fortunate he indeed is to be in such a position. And a very considerate of him to respond in person.

    Yeah, he’s a keeper! 😉


  15. Awe! He is an easy man to love. Isn’t he? Nice to hear that he is happy, feeling blessed, and enjoying his work. What more can you ask for? I love this piccy of him too, that beard, good God I just want to pet it!!! Is that normal?


    • This is one of my favorite pics of him, too–he looks so handsome, relaxed, confident and comfy in his own skin–such a really attractive man inside and out. There is such a nice twinkle in his eyes. I could see him making an absolutely gorgeous Father Christmas.

      The beard–ah, I want to pet it and stroke it, kiss that cheek (maybe pinch them a la Trudy Styler in the sketch) and give him a big ol’ hug. So it works for me, @Rob. 😉


    • petting the beard: isn’t that why it survived evolutionarily? Because it gives men a reproductive advantage? Of course you should want to touch it.


  16. oh happy b-day cc!!!!


  17. I said it on Calexora’s blog, he sounds so thrilled about the donations to the Just Giving charities, I can’t help but grin when I read that part.

    He *is* a class act, can’t help liking him and admiring him a bit more. It’s his fault I’m his fan, not mine (lol!)

    OML 🙂


  18. I am not much of a beard girl, but RA has made me a convert!


    • Beards, Russian prison tats, excessive amounts of black leather, long hair–so many things that might not ordinarily trip my trigger, ah, but when it comes to Mr. A . . . it’s a different story.


  19. […] a great deal of evidence to support it — which always gratifies me when I read it. I like to be the fan of a class act. And long-time readers are familiar with my own positive relationship with work. I’m also […]


  20. […] there’s a great deal of evidence to support it — which always gratifies me when I read it. I like to be the fan of a class act. And long-time readers are familiar with my own positive relationship with work. I’m also leery of […]


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