Put some food on that d___ fork!

I am so ridiculously hungry that I am not posting tonight, even after working all day.

John Mulligan (Richard Armitage) takes Ellie Morgan (Christine Tremarco) out to dinner in Moving On. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

Armitage, take me away — but please, please, please put some food on the fork! Please!


Happy Birthday month Richard Armitage! In honor of this event, consider donating your time, energy, and thoughts / prayers to an effort that’s meaningful to you. If you need a suggestion, here’s a link to Mr. Armitage’s recommended charities at JustGiving, as well as a link to means of generating a charity contribution on his behalf at RichardArmitageOnline.com, and a link to Act!onAid, a child sponsorship organization for which he recorded a voiceover in December 2010. Donate to Christchurch Earthquake Appeal here.

~ by Servetus on August 31, 2011.

14 Responses to “Put some food on that d___ fork!”

  1. *thud* One of my all-time favorite screen shots. Fork Porn!!!! That beautiful, elegant hand holding the fork against those soft, delicately-shaped lips, those piercing eyes gazing into hers . . . not only can he smoulder with his back, he can also smoulder with his fork. Yummmmmmy.


    • I was thinking while posting this para that we don’t see enough of him eating. There’s a big meal scene in The Hobbit, but one images a dwarf, even a kingly one, isn’t an especially elegant eater 🙂


      • I really enjoy watching him eat and drink. I think we got more of that with Guy than any other character. Yeah, dear ol’ Thorin may not have the most proper of table manners. 😉


  2. I hope you managed to get some proper food / a nice meal at the end of the day. I always get very (!) grumpy when I miss out on food due to work obligations. Even looking at RA fotos won’t help then 😉


    • I ended up at a diner and had a reasonably acceptable meal. I’m not completely set up to cook yet at home, and unfortunately the campus is really a food dessert. I’m going to have to get better organized. Tuesday / Thursday seems to involve fourteen straight hours on campus.


  3. I always noticed there’s not much of a bite on his fork… And why does it bother me he’s not holding it properly….


    • Sorry for blogging about food on a day you’re not supposed to be eating.

      I think the way he’s holding the fork is supposed to be sexy. Or maybe he’s demonstrating his working class roots?

      I think when they film food scenes they try not to eat much. Unsurprisingly — can’t imagine eating all the way through the retakes.


      • I remember how they had to keep cooking bacon and eggs for Danny Glover when they were shooting that scene for Honeydripper so it wouldn’t look congealed on his plate. He had to eat one or two bites per take, but with a lot of takes that really adds up. 😉


        • Also it was freezing cold that day and they had to shut off the portable heaters every time they did a take. So the food chilled off very quickly.


  4. I assume he is thinking in this scene–a bit like the wolf contemplating his prey–sort of tapping the tines against his mouth in thought. That’s why he is holding the fork in that manner. At any rate, he was MY attention. *thud*


    • He “has” my attention.


      • Mine too, Angieklong! 😀 Then I find my eyes drawn upwards to take in how he is looking at Ellie! Makes one a little weak at the knees, doesn’t it, even though it is rather predatory.


        • Yeah, it seriously is the big, bad-but very sexy!–wolf we are looking at. And one can’t help but wonder about the possible pluses of being his prey. ; )


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