Armitage pet poll results

On this rather silly question, this is how you voted on various aspects:

1. On the matter of Standring’s pet preferences:

The only real question here was about the breadth of Standring’s love of animals. Most readers went for the most expansive understanding of Standring’s species preferences, arguing that he loves both livestock and smaller animals as well. Not very controversial. But sweet, nonetheless.

2. On Richard Armitage’s own preferences regarding pets (and of course, keep in mind that this is only a guess — none of us has any idea, I assume):

This turned out to be much more controversial, with three options all within three votes of each other. I obviously did not convince with my tongue-in-cheek argument about the cats. What I find interesting here is the clear loser was the possibility that Armitage was exclusively a dog person, i.e., it seems that most people did not conclude that Armitage did not like cats at all — depending of course, on why the people who said that he was neither a dog nor a cat person did so. That was my own choice, and I picked it because I assume he simply doesn’t have time, not because I think he dislikes either cats or dogs. Interesting result, anyway. The Armitage continues to succeed in being hard to read when he’s not playing a role.

3. And then, the third poll, regarding Thorin:

Here, again, the results were relatively clear. This was a silly poll and the majority of you agreed, either deciding the question was ridiculous or that it was unlikely that Thorin was a pet lover.

~ by Servetus on September 17, 2011.

2 Responses to “Armitage pet poll results”

  1. It was a good poll! 🙂 Very interesting results too, even though I slightly over-analysed the characters in the comments to that post – LOL!


  2. But we laughed ourselves silly over it and took it very, very seriously! (I still think RA is a horse person…) 😀


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