Handy with a hammer.

We saw it before, nerdy DIY guy coming to the rescue.

The delicate grab. Richard Armitage as Paul Andrews in Between the Sheets, episode 2. My cap.

Placing the nail. Richard Armitage as Paul Andrews in Between the Sheets, episode 2. My cap.

Hammering it home. Richard Armitage as Paul Andrews in Between the Sheets, episode 2. My cap.

~ by Servetus on October 5, 2011.

16 Responses to “Handy with a hammer.”

  1. Nice screencaps! Thanks for sharing, I know how you like to see his hands. The wrist and forearm is a nice addition too. 🙂


  2. The hairs on that forearm do something to me too. Masculine, without being too hairy 😉 Ummm, can’t believe I just wrote that…
    (In my defence, see screencap ns4 227 courtesy RANet. *sigh* I really must learn how to put up a pic or link.)


  3. Oh, the forearms!! In addition to the train scene (obviously) I think he looked sexiest in N&S when he had his sleeves rolled up.

    Off to look up that screen cap now, Mezz


  4. I can use some DIY. He can unclogge my pipes, change my light bulbs, tighten my screws, or hammer my nails anytime. * wink * *wink*


  5. Ok, I get in line! This hands look definitely skilled…


  6. Can I contribute too? 🙂 Another beautiful view of his arm (please ignore medical equipment) here:
    I love when he takes off that orange boiler suit!


  7. Hi Serv,

    Fun post! And,of course, never has a brass cigarette lighter seemed so ominious as in the detonator used by Heinz Kruger in Captain America.


    Hmmm. I wonder if there is an underlying message against smoking? Well, at least against using wooden matches. Ha!

    Cheers! Grati ;->

    P.S. Although Richards broad shoulders and tapered waist in his dapper gRAy double breasted suit serve as misdirection from the lighter. Sighhhhh!


  8. thanks for all the arm pics, friends. Definitely brightened up my day 🙂


  9. […] For early afternoon languor, sleepy but alert enough to follow a plot, Spooks 8.7. This is my goto episode in moments of stress for the last several months. It’s Armitage in the Spooks blue period, there’s no Sarah Caulfield except by reference, the moral conflict at the heart of the episode is interesting and I’m never tempted to speed through the parts without Armitage, and there’s that great superhero ending sequence. Here a clip from the beginning that combines that great accent, sexy clothing, lots of finger elegance, and the always beloved DIY Armitage: […]


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