Legenda 2: Stuff worth reading

[A non-exclusive list of Armitageworld related stuff that I enjoyed this week. If you have something you’d like to point me or other readers to, please put it in the comments.]

  • Robin Hood is five years old! How time flies when you’re having fun. Leave a comment, and join this discussion board if you’re interested.
  • Happy Thanksgiving to Canadian readers! Phylly has a wonderful Gizzy graphic.
  • “The Cuban Assignment” updated. (SB fanfic). Sex is coming in a future chapter. I hope. For now, plenty of sexual tension.
  • “In Consequence” updated. (N&S fanfic). Trouble is coming. I know!
  • “HobbitIn5” (the video series that gives a quick weekly update on what’s happening on the film) has a new host and is appearing regularly again. Latest episode here. I have to admit that I thought that Rebekkah Platt was the perfect host for that market segment, and I wonder if the new host isn’t too put together. Platt had this appealing combination of fresh-faced cuteness and earnestness about the fandom that the new host, who’s polished and “hotter” in the conventional sense, isn’t channeling yet, anyway.
  • A really non-traditional read of Armitage that I enjoyed very much thinking about by Ana Cris at Gratiana’s.
  • Jeannie Gisborne continues updates of her RH fics.
  • Loving bccmee‘s October daily gif challenge!
  • Fitzg’s doing a regular illustrated Monday feature at Judi’s.
  • How ’bout making some Richard III fan art?

~ by Servetus on October 10, 2011.

6 Responses to “Legenda 2: Stuff worth reading”

  1. Thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes! Unseasonably warm in Ontario – all sitting in cotton shirts on the deck after too much turkey, meat and pumpkin pies! Beets and sweet potato,salad.

    Loved Ana Cris’s Four Elements on Gratia’s blog. This is a talented writer.

    Just a tribute to richardarmitagenet, Ali and Hedgey, and their gallery. Have relied on the site for images. And news updates and much else…


  2. Hi Serv,
    Thanks for promoting Ana Cris’ essay. She did a fabulous job.
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  3. I’m also loving The Cuban Assignment by womblingfree1 – one of the few other Armitage fans I have actually met IRL.


  4. Thank you for this overview, Servetus! You collect so wonderful hints and tips, that I always read all your tips and print them out, not to forget one ;o)


  5. Glad to be of service 🙂


  6. […] brief, non-exclusive index of stuff I enjoyed since the last episode. Please add additional pieces of interest via link in the […]


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