Friday night’s weird Richard Armitage dream

Previous Armitage dreams: first ; second ; third.

I’m in London with Judi. We walk around all day in the maze of streets around Piccadilly Circus, looking at the signs and the shop windows and inside the stores. We have tickets for a play in the evening in the West End, in which Richard Armitage is starring. Judi says she really wants a picture of herself with Richard Armitage, but I don’t want to try to meet him. I am vehemently opposed, in fact, to the point of getting frustrated that she won’t stop talking about it. I finally tell her I’ll go with her to the stage door and take a picture if she can get him to take one with her, but that’s it. She’d better not out me.

The dream doesn’t seem to include the play itself. Come to think of it, during the afternoon, we also don’t stop in for tea at Fortnum & Mason, which is one of my top ten recommended London experiences and something I’d definitely do if I were there in real life.

Cut in dream to stage door. We’re there, waiting, and I find myself surprised that not that many people are camped out, hoping to meet an actor. My feet hurt a lot after the whole day walking around Piccadilly. A bunch of cast members leave, and just when I’m tiring of waiting and wanting to get a late supper, Armitage exits. He has short brown hair, slightly damp, and he’s wearing jeans with a thick belt, boots, a light blue t-shirt, and a leather jacket. I only see him in the lamplight so I don’t get a clear view, but as soon as I see his face I duck my head. Judi, in contrast, jumps up and down and approaches him and tells him that we loved him in the play and asks him for a picture. I watch all this in a bit of a daze. He ducks his head a bit, then smiles and says, “okay,” and I get the picture for Judi with her cell phone. Then Judi says, “thanks so much, Richard, and would you sign my friend’s program? She’s a big fan.”

I’m horrified. I can feel my jaws dropping and my eyes widening, and I thrust the phone into Judi’s hand and make an abrupt about face and run away as fast as I can.

Dream now cuts to a hotel room, the one I’m sharing with Judi on our trip, where I am in the bathroom, showering in water so hot it hurts. Over the spray I hear a knock at the door, and I yell, “come in,” and poke my head out from behind the curtain. Judi comes in and says, “Richard really wants to meet you,” and Richard Armitage follows her into the bathroom.

Alarm clock goes off. End of dream.

This is the height of bizarre and it was extremely disturbing. It’s the unversion of the theatrical fantasy. Judi assures me she’d never do this, and I can’t imagine Richard Armitage would, either. I’m not sure why Judi was in this dream, maybe because of all the joking we were doing this week? Is it a dream about Judi and not about Armitage? Was it a response to this?

~ by Servetus on October 30, 2011.

37 Responses to “Friday night’s weird Richard Armitage dream”

  1. servetus, it was a response to THIS. Not a bad one, either. Your head’s on straight. Perspective and balance – good. judiang, you might persuade me to hold the camera, but don’t you dare bring a gentleman into my shower! 😀 On second thought, judi, RA…?


    • I know, isn’t that weird? I can’t imagine being in this situation in real life but if I were I don’t see myself running away.

      Very weird. Thanks for the reassurance.


  2. I would like to dream about RA in any capacity…something that has eluded me thus far! As to what your dream means…I’m afraid I have no idea 🙂


    • He’s not very pleasant in my dreams. For months and months, he yelled at me. I could live without that.


      • That’s horrible…I wouldn’t like that at all!


      • I don’t have many dreams which include RA. But I have to say that of the few that I do have, he is yelling at me in most of them. I thought that I was the only one that this happened to. I wish I knew what it all meant. 😦


        • “you are not alone …” I had those dreams when I started blogging for months and months, specifically with him telling me not to blog about him.

          my therapist would have said that everyone you meet in your dreams is you. So when you encounter Richard Armitage yelling at you you need to figure out what aspect of you he represents in order to understand the anger …


  3. After having a nightmare with RA myself a short while ago, I am glad you were rescued in time by your very convenient alarm clock ;o)
    Fortunately, my nightmare resolved itself, but it left me wondering for quite a while, till I could halfway settle the topic. I do understand the reasoning behind mine now, after a while of mulling over it. With yours, unfortunately, I am no help with interpreting it.
    Though, RA is a dream, even appearing in a nightmare … ;o)
    The only thing I would read into your dream is, that important and long wished for things are lurking and trying to reach you ;o) – Hopefully they get through to you in your bathroom ;o)))


    • the shower is weird too, because I have severe water fear. It was just unsettling, the whole thing. I tend to agree with the “things you want are looking for you.” That’s at least hopeful 🙂

      hope no more Armitage nightmares for you.


      • I would say, the shower then might represent your fears. Don’t let them hold you back, go for it (i.e. RA, the good, …) ;o)
        I know, easier said than done.
        At the moment, nightmares have no chance, I am sleeping like a stone, as I fall into bed totally exhausted. Fortunately, as other things would most likely have priority to frighten me right now.


  4. Hi Serv,

    Hmmm. I don’t know “dream analysis”–nor if I believe in it since a psychologist giving a presentation on it to a community group said dreams were basically core dumps of useless info from the day that your brain was trying to discard, kind of like emptying your computer cache files. The thing is, I would venture to guess that none of use would want to rid ourselves of Mr. Armitage–in the emptying our caches files sense.

    Another dream camp might say that the actions you attribute to Mr. Armitage are your own. While another camp might say you’re having the basic insecurity dream. I have those all the time. Ha!

    And since dear Judi also agreed to hold my hand on a flight to London to see Mr. Armitage in a play and probably share a room with me–I hate flying–I’m guessing/hoping that Judi would not bring a “stranger” into the bathroom. Ha! Please Judi, dear, we’ll have to make a pact about that. Ha!

    Though in that reverse action attribution thought it is Mr. Armitage actually being the one in the shower and you–or I–are the ones who walk in on him. As long as he doesn’t mind, neither do I.

    Here’s hoping you have dreams that you enjoy soon.

    Cheers! Grati


    • I’ve also heard the theory that dreams are a harmless way of test checking the synapses in your voluntary muscle system, with the muscles themselves disconnecting. I saw a Jungian for several years, and I tend to find that enlightening, but I agree we can find what we’re looking for and meanings are not absolute.


  5. I don’t know what to think when I’m instrumental in one’s nightmare. My reputation is now preceding me? 😀 Let me reassure that’s not my personality; I would never make anybody do anything against their will.

    Maybe my presence is way to face your fears regarding RA provoked by my silly blog post. Or it could be a core dump like Gratiana says.


    • I think part of it is that I’ve seen you — you’re the only other fan I’ve ever met. But I also think it’s because our interactions have been so productive for my thinking.


  6. I’m not sure that tea at Fortnum and Mason’s is all it’s cracked up to be. I popped in there a couple of years ago with my academic chum after an exhibition at the Royal Academy and we were both underwhelmed by the service.


  7. I’m totally fascinated by dreams…those of my own and of others. I’m not going to try to interpret yours, but many experts believe they mean what you think they mean. 🙂

    Most of my dreams that include RA or one of his characters are very amusing. I thought yours was funny although I too would be horrified in real life. Too bad the alarm rang. Maybe you can continue this as a serial.


    • yeah, it could be read as funny, too. Maybe if I hadn’t been startled awake by the alarm I’d have read it differently 🙂


  8. Aaargh, my comment wouldn’t post and I lost it, will have to start again. It took ages too, as I was trying to get my thoughts together without appearing to make light of your post which is not my intention.

    To me dream analysis is like astrology/palm reading/tarot cards etc. There will be a dozen different interpretations from a dozen different interpreters, and people will find the meaning that they want or which best fits them.
    I can appreciate people wanting or needing to understand their dreams, but it can have you going around in circles and perhaps worrying unnecessarily. I hope you find an answer that satisfies you.
    I recall reading somewhere that we only remember the dream we have just before waking up. You probably have hundreds of other dreams where RA isn’t yelling at you or you are mates hanging out together or… (fill in your own scenario 😉 )

    The only dreams I remember in vivid detail are those that are so convoluted they make absolutely no sense at all and thus are impossible to describe. I envy your ability to write your’s down. I usually wake up feeling unsettled and disoriented after these. The other kind I have are extremely vague ones where I wake up feeling a sense of well being so they must have been good ones, but these are impossible to recall because they ARE so vague. If I have dreams of RA I reckon they fall into this category!
    The exception to these are the occasional dreams I have of my father who passed away 25 years ago. They are simple and very clear. He is well and around the age when he died (mid sixties), he and my mother are separated (something they would NEVER have done in RL) and he says he is never coming home. There are always lots of hugs and cuddles and I wake up with such a strong sense of having been with him that it’s almost physical. There is no rhyme or reason why this dream comes to me, I just welcome the closeness I feel to my father when it does.


    • see a Jungian therapist — you will learn to write them down 🙂

      I love your dream of your father. Thanks for telling it to us. It is a comforting dream.


  9. I think it’s pretty simple. In the shower you’re naked, feeling in the hot seat and facing your fear that he’s looking at you. Judi’s the friendly force that’s bringing it to you.


    • Well Jazzy,

      “We”–those of us who write fiction, blog, post, comment, design, vid, etc.–do “bare our souls” in our writing, especially when our topic is Richard Armitage. So, being naked in the shower is a good metaphor for that.

      And the water has a “cleansing” meaning for me–not baptismally–but in the sense that water is refreshing and reinvigorating, our life’s essential need next to the air that we breathe.

      So to recap, we reveal ourselves to others in sharing about our admiration for Mr. Armitage–and this, in turn, gives us joy and peace. That works for me!

      Cheers! Grati ;->


  10. Brown’s Hotel for tea….:)


  11. I thought your dream was cute and it made me giggle. Is that the wrong reaction to have?


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