“Armigerous” Armitage, postscript

So, sorry, as I noted at the last second, I forgot about Spooks 9. Severe repression of unpleasant circumstances going on there, no doubt. Nonetheless, I have to go back there, because Spooks 9 is one of the most creatively weapon-rich productions in which Mr. Armitage has ever been involved, even apart from the almost constant appearance of handguns. It’s particularly noticeable because Spooks 7 is weapon light, and so is Spooks 8; Spooks 9 is more like American tv –Lucas North / John Bateman just becomes more and more violent as he becomes more and more desperate:

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) finally gets a silencer in Spooks 9.1. Armitage’s hands are especially expressive in this one. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

Cosmetic dentistry as weapon: I’m pretty sure that Lucas North (Richard Armitage) has the terrorist’s hand in his mouth here. I suppose it’s better to use those shiny new teeth to bite than killing foes with the glare that shines off of them. My cap from Spooks 9.1.

Here we have a machete. Lucas North (Richard Armitage) saws open Beth’s (Sophia Myles) handcuffs in Spooks 9.1. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

We always knew he was a superhero: Lucas North (Richard Armitage) uses his splayed fingers to scare away the car from the Nigerian embassy in Spooks 9.2. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

The return of the knife: Lucas North / John Bateman (Richard Armitage) hides the knife he’s taken up to ward off Vaughn even as he kisses Maya (Laila Rouass) in Spooks 9.4. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

And then there’s the briefcase bomb. John Bateman (Richard Armitage) prepares to drop the bomb off in the embassy in Dakar in Spooks 9.7. My cap.

A neat camera angle, I thought: John Bateman (Richard Armitage) seen through a staircase after he’s dropped off the fateful bomb in Spooks 9.7. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com. Incidentally, this shot for me was one of the only moments in the flashback sequences to Bateman’s youth where I felt the costumers had made him look younger. Most of the Bateman shots make Armitage seem older (in the name of the more boyish brown hair and facial toning, I suppose).

And here, although we don’t see it very well in the episode, is a garrotte of some sort: John Bateman (Richard Armitage) strangles Lucas North (James Daffern). Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

The anti-Alex Track, or rirst, go ahead and do some harm: John Bateman (Richard Armitage) prepares a syringe to sedate and possibly poison Ruth while holding her hostage in Spooks 9.8. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

The final weapon: John Bateman (Richard Armitage) second before he self-destructs, in Spooks 9.8. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

~ by Servetus on November 12, 2011.

13 Responses to ““Armigerous” Armitage, postscript”

  1. Lucas!!! *sobs anew*


  2. Hi Serv,
    I still haven’t watched Spooks 9–just clips and read synopses. I haven’t checked iTunes lately to see if they have it. I know everyone says that RA gives a tour de force performance in S9–despite the lack of continuity of plot and character development,courtesy of the writers–so, I will watch it. But, I will always think of “him” as LucaS7/8–the hero who showed courage, and faithfulness, strength, and tenderness. Sighhhhh! Grati


  3. My poor, tortured, brave, beautiful Lucas… I haven’t forgiven those Spooks writers for what they did to you. 😦


  4. Ridiculous. Still have angst watching (bravely dipping into an ep every so often) S9. It’s just TV, for heaven’s sake. And an excellent performance. It must be viewed as such. (she tells herself). JB I can accept, just; but jumping off the roof? Doesn’t work. Ignominious.


  5. Getting these caps was the first time I’ve looked through the second half the series since it was broadcast. There’s SO much to analyze / discuss there in terms of what Mr Armitage is doing. I just don’t know if I can bear it …


  6. I bought S9 three months ago, but I´m still having troubles watching it. Due to all the posts and comments I´ve read here and in related blogs in the past year I´m so afraid of viewing it. I only worked off ep.1 and 2. I know what´s going to happen but still then there is this strong repression inside me. Really a bit strange as it is only TV (like fitzg mentioned above) !!! Maybe with a little help of Servetus´s analysis and consequent discussions I/we can bear it better….


    • I agree linda, I’m hoping objective analysis and discussion will help alleviate the pain resulting from watching S9 first time around (but only when you’re ready serv!!) I’ve had S9 on dvd for six months now and haven’t been able to watch past ep4, despite several attempts.


  7. The whole question of how he maneuvers around all the problems of who is supposed to know what at what point is fascinating. The other issue, of course, is that it’s usually shot out of order. It’s a constant balancing act for him in S9. If you can ignore the plot, you have to admire the artistry.


    • It would have been difficult enough keeping up with what was going on in other seasons of Spooks, with the episodes being shot out of sequence, but I think S9 would have been doubly hard given the plotlines. Richard did an amazing job, he certainly earned his keep! Even though it was awfully painful to watch S9, especially the second half, I remember being blown away by his performance. In my refusal to rewatch it I’m denying myself the chance to watch that powerhouse portrayal again *sigh*


  8. Probably you`re right, maybe I should bring “admiring the artistry” into focus. I let you know if it helped..


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