Somebody slap Servetus

Richard Armitage, from publicity photos for Spooks 8. Source: I’m sure there’s a technical term for that little indentation in his skin on the left side of his forehead, but I didn’t have time to research it this morning.

Done grading for the present. I’m teaching again today and since my evening class does not meet this week so students can work on their papers, I’ll be going home in the evening to work on continuing to bring the fever down. For now, I’m feeling well enough to teach, and it would be irresponsible at this stage of the semester to cancel an introductory course twice in a row. I’ve got tons of stuff that’s half done to post, but no time to work on polishing it today, so I was thinking it would have to be a picture. Then I was flipping through some lovely caps I’ve made of various things and I couldn’t decide which to post, and I thought, “oh, I just love every bit of you, Richard Armitage. I love your talent, I love your brain, I love your fingers, I love every drop of dirty sweat you shed when Guy of Gisborne tosses his tangled locks around, I love your modesty, I love your shyness, I love that little blemish on your forehead.”

Behind the scenes photo, filming of North & South: Richard Armitage as Mr. Thornton and Daniela Denby-Ashe as Margaret. Source: I can’t find the facebook page where I downloaded this, but I believe it was bccmee who uploaded it. I hope I have permission to share it.

Then it struck me for a moment, how ridiculous it is, that I continue to blog when essentially that’s all I really have to say: goo, goo, goo, goo, Richard Armitage I love you. I find lots of ways to say it, and this blog isn’t all drool, but that’s the base thought I have, every morning.

Today, I thought: How silly to continue writing so obsessively about someone who’ll never know I exist. How foolish. But you know, in the end I guess I still haven’t gotten to a point where I care. Every morning that I get out of bed in part because of Richard Armitage, or getting to write about Richard Armitage, makes this activity worthwhile.

I want to thank you all for sharing it with me, in whichever way you do that.

And now I have to review my notes on the Enlightenment … which is supposed to be the summit of rationality … maybe I need to emphasize its irrational moments a bit more this term …

~ by Servetus on November 17, 2011.

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  1. hmmm, I always assumed that was a chicken pox scar?! And you’re welcome. And thank you back at you.

    Love that N&S behind the scene. All I can think of is, “put your head on my shoulder” know..the old Paul Anka song. Yep. I’m that old.


    • That was also my assumption NB, as I have a similar one on my forehead only a little smaller. Like his various moles I find it rather endearing. They just add to his uniqueness IMHO!! 🙂

      I’m always thankful for blogs like these where we often find little gems like the behind the scenes picture. Being even older I remember the song too, NB!! It’s good to know there are so many like-minded women out there with the good taste gene who know a good thing when we see it! And Richard Armitage is certainly a VERY good thing!!!!!


      • Yes, I’ve always assumed it was a chicken pox scar, too, as Melanie has one in almost the same place on her forehead. She was 6 weeks old when Matthew had chicken pox and she ended up with 1 blister on her forehead and 1 on her bottom… and that’s all! Matthew had them all over – he is 3 years and 4 months older and insisted on kissing “his baby” even though I asked him to wait until his spots were better! She was always “his baby” – he wanted to change her nappies (the old-fashioned terry-towelling ones fastened with pins!!!), feed her her bottle and even bath her! Such a helpful big brother!

        I remember Paul Anka, too.

        That little hole in Richard’s forehead is endearing, isn’t it? I’m so glad you cropped the photo so that terrible thing in Richard’s right hand isn’t so visible!!!


  2. He is so very appealing, scars and all. Your blog was the first blog I came across that was dedicated to RA. It made me feel as though my fangirl crush wasn’t so ridiculous, because suddenly I wasn’t alone. So thank you for that.

    Hope you get lots of rest and TheRApy this evening and get to feeling better.


    • Chabesquen, I’m with you! Because I keep my Armitage crush to myself in RL, it’s very liberating to be able to express my feelings here. They are a wonderful group on this blog! 🙂


  3. Lots of fun with enlightenment, Servetus, which in the long run brought us to … RA ;o)
    Rationally and irrationally worth the wait ;o)
    I just solved a computer problem I had for some time and so I am a bit extra cRAzy ;o)
    It is good to hear, that you are on the mend and RA-therapy works. All the best to you!
    My sister has such a scar as well and she got in too close a contact with a small plane from our neighbours boy. So the scar was one of the early things which endeared RA to me ;o)


  4. Vote for chicken pox scar as well. I only got it as an adult, and while most blemishes vanished after some time, some got infected and left a little crater.

    BTW love that behind the scenes pic as well, it is from 2004 I believe and people were still in the stone ages! She is showing him some photos, actual print, not just pics on her iphone. Do people still remember that?


  5. Based on costuming, I’m thinking that N&S photo was taken when they were filming the ending. It’s funny to see Margaret with a modern pen in her hand.


  6. That scar would be a delightful spot to bestow a kiss methinks!! 😉

    ThankYOU for sharing with US, servetus.


  7. I vote for chickenpox scar, too. Somehow I escaped any scarring on my face–since my “chickenpops” only broke out on my body–but I have a small crater-like scar on my arm as a souvenir.
    (I’ve got scars on my forehead and one eyelid due to glass fragments from a car accident in college and a faint scar from a childhood accident under my left eye, so I have my “life experience” marks, too, though they don’t seem nearly as endearing to me as Richard’s do 😉 )

    I love all those little imperfections of his, and I thank you, Servetus, for sharing your Armitagemania with us. 😀

    I am going to show MY age and share “You make me so very happy . . . I’m so glad you came into my life . . . I just want to thank you . . .” (Blood Sweat and Tears, I believe) That’s the way I feel about RA and Servetus and the fandom.

    As several of you ladies pointed out, for some of us (perhaps many of us) we have no one in RL with whom we can actually squee and drool and muse over Mr. A, so places like this blog give us the delicious freedom to do so.

    Kathryn Gaul,

    I think it’s only in behind-the-scenes photos of RA in N&S that we ever see glimpses of him smoking in real life as it were. I am assuming he quit since then (although he has smoked in a few roles since N&S–Monet, Marie Lloyd, George Gently). I do hope for his own good health’s sake he has done so. I think it would have been tough for a heavy smoker to have endured everything he has put his body through for certain roles since then.

    Your son sounds like my older sister. Sara is six years my senior and she was so excited to have a baby sister. She would come in after school and go straight to my crib to gaze upon me, apparently. There is a photo of her giving me a bath in the kitchen sink and she spent many hours helping to care for and playing with me. She was–and is–a devoted and loving “big sis” (even though due to early osteoporosis I am now 3 1/2 inches taller than she is).


    • I’ve never seen any other photos apart from those N&S ones, either, so I think Richard did give it up maybe way back then, too?

      I was so glad my ex gave up smoking when Melanie was really tiny…I told everyone it was so we could afford to feed the baby! It’s funny, but now Ian is as dead set against it as I am…and we both came from a family of smokers!

      Sorry to get off topic, Servetus. I really like that photo of Richard and Daniela all relaxed … their little smiles are sweet.

      I’m contrasting the look of his fingers here and his fingers as Thorin on Gratiana’s blog today. It looks as though he has prosthetics on his fingers for “The Hobbit”???? They certainly seem shorter and chubbier…or is it just my eyesight?


      • Kathryn,

        I grew up with both my parents smoking and it turned out years later I discovered I actually had an allergy to tobacco–my throat would literally close up when I was stuck in a closed room or car with a smoker. Not very pleasant.

        So I never had any desire to smoke and I guess it is a good thing! 😉
        My parents both eventually quit. However, iIf ANYONE can actually make smoking look attractive to me–yep, it’s Richard. He does that with style and elegance, too. Oh, that man , , ,

        It is a beautiful photo of RA and DDA–he looks so handsome in that open-collared white shirt, doesn’ he? Love that sweet little smile.

        I would definitely say Richard is wearing prosthetic fingers as Thorin–we all know his real fingers too well, don’t we? I am assuming they decided those long, elegant fingers would not quite work for a dwarf character. Ah, but we still have his beautiful blue eyes and that voice. *melts*


        • Forgive me my goofs. I am having a stupid coughing fit at present and my fingers keep slipping! LOL


        • Gee, I’m behind things, this is the first photo I’ve seen of RA ‘smoking’, although I had read somewhere that he did so years ago. I also hope he has quit for his health’s sake, angie.

          I agree, it is a beautiful photo of the two of them. I love the behind-the-scenes shots, and every time a new one appears (the “little gems” as teuchter calls them) it makes my day! 🙂

          Re Thorin, how exciting is the news (over on RAnet) that we may get to see a Hobbit trailer this Christmas!! Oooh, to see Richard AS Thorin, properly, not with the over-coloured makeup, the cameramen etc.
          but a taste of things to come!! 🙂


          • Mezz…there’s a photo of some of the cast of N&S (including Richard and Daniela) on – they’re standing on the steps of townhouse, resting between takes. Richard has a takeaway coffee in one hand! I won’t mention what’s in the other one!


  8. I just want to say I didn’t crop the photo, but I wouldn’t have cropped it to get a cigarette out of it, and also that honestly, I really don’t care whether he smokes or not. I would not love him more or less had I more definitive information on this issue than I have.


    • Hmmmm…….I was just thinking about the kissing scenes………poor Daniela,.it’s not pleasant to have to kiss a smoker!

      I wouldn’t enjoy Richard’s acting any less if he did still smoke but I certainly would never fantasize about getting close to him! Like Angie, I’m allergic to tobacco – I can smell a smoker at 20 paces and, even if I only suspect that a man is a smoker, he no longer appeals to me.

      Sorry if that upsets anyone but, if you felt as sick as I do when you have to be with smokers (my oldest brother is a chain-smoker), you’d understand.


      • I have kissed smokers. Aside from the political issues involved, which I don’t discuss on this blog, I also feel pretty strongly that this is not something I want Armitage criticized over on my blog. It’s not like any of us are kissing him.


        • Ah ha… so I’m not the only one who feels a little protective of him then?? Just pulling your leg, Servetus.


          • I’m not defending him specifically, kathryngaul. I’m also a regular defender of smokers IRL, and I almost always vote against proposed “no smoking” ordinances whenever they are up for referendum. I honestly see it as a personal liberty issue, and I am concerned that “me + richard armitage” not develop into a place where it’s okay to criticize smokers for smoking. Other readers here may smoke, and they shouldn’t feel criticized by implication. In other words, I don’t want smoking discussed on this blog as if it were a moral issue.

            My personal opinion about smoking and Richard Armitage? If he wants to smoke, he should smoke — if he doesn’t, he shouldn’t. That’s all it is for me — it’s not a protectiveness or non-protectiveness issue. I dated a man who smoked, and while I didn’t want to kiss him immediately after he’d finished a cigarette, there was no problem at other times. As I said in my original comment, it doesn’t make Armitage more or less attractive to me, and my ongoing attraction was the subject of the post.


          • But wouldn’t those Super Duper Chompers require White Strips to keep them so pristine if he did smoke very much? 😉

            I am gonna love him no matter what, of course.


      • When I was still working at the newspaper office, my co-worker would go out for a smoke and inevitably I would start coughing and getting a headache when he came back in (sat in the cubicle in front of me) . . . I loved him to bits, one of my absolute favorite people, but I couldn’t hack the tobacco smell, much less the smoke. 😦 It’s not a judgment call, it’s just a part of what I have always had to deal with.

        As a meat eater, I am sure vegans probably wouldn’t like the way I smell. 😉

        I think Daniella was/is a smoker (she smoked on an episode of Torchwood) ; if so, it probably didn’t bother her. And yeah, having to re-shoot some of the kissing scenes must have really been torture. 😉


  9. Hi Serv,
    Focus people. Ha! With what Richard and Daniella are wearing costume wise, this screen cap is of them relaxing between takes of the Train Station kissing scenes. Mr. Armitage said in the dvd interviews that this was among his favorite scenes to film–he said something like “i was a lovely way to spend an afternoon.” We think so, too, Richard. Sighhhhh!
    Cheers! Grati ;->


    • If I remember correctly, they had to go back later for some reshooting. What hard work that would have been! 😉


  10. I´m not going to slap you, Servetus!!! No way! I´m here to bring you flowers and to say a “riesengroßes herzliches Dankeschön”. I love Richard Armitage with all his features you described above and I love you for your enthusiam, your silliness and craziness (or should I say braveness and cleverness?) and for sharing it with us here on your blog. It´s good to know having you and all the other well-educated :-), like-minded fangurrrlies at my side. A special “squee” from me for bringing up this well-known little scar on his forehead…
    Unfortunately I´ve been extremely pegged into work the last couple of weeks, so it´s difficult at times to keep pace with all your writings (and the comments!!).
    Oh, and thanks for the lovely behind-the-scene pic. Never seen that before.

    Mezz, you are so right it would be a delightful spot to bestow a kiss…..


  11. I’m closing comments on this post now. It turned into a discussion of smoking, and my attempt to defend the personal liberties of smokers and point out that I don’t see smoking as a moral issue were imputed to me negatively. If I can’t express my own opinions on my own blog, I’m not sure where I can, but in the interest of not conducting a political discussion and also not finding a bunch of stuff on here that makes me unhappy when I open this page tomorrow, I’m stopping the discussion here before I’m further misunderstood.

    Thanks to everyone who made a comment. I’ll back tomorrow with more Armitage delectation.


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