Richard Armitage has always had beautiful thumbs

Don’t know how I missed this earlier, as I actually tracked down a pirated digital copy of this episode, but of the caps that appeared on today, this is — unsurprisingly — my favorite. You can’t see quite the definition in his hands that you will a couple of years later, but it’s already a promising picture.

Dr. Lara Stone (Christine Stephen-Daly) and Craig Parker (Richard Armitage) in Casualty. Source: For more on this role, see the relevant page on

This post should also serve as a regretful goodbye to AceMarsupial. That site was an early entry into Armitagemania.

Catching up with email and comments as we speak. Thanks to everyone who left such kind messages on the blog and in my email yesterday. I appreciate you and thank G-d that you are in the world.

I can’t resist saying: if I had that hand anywhere near me I’m not sure how I’d ever keep my lips off it.

I’m surely that only slipped out because it’s time for finals to be over.

~ by Servetus on December 9, 2011.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage has always had beautiful thumbs”

  1. I recently realised I watched this when it was first transmitted. I had no idea who Richard Armitage was at the time, but I remember thinking I had no idea how Lara could leave such a gorgeous boyfriend for the rather flaky doctor. I know who I would have chosen!


    • Funny, LostinaGoodbook, to discover something like that. I’m sure he was cast in that among other things because he seemed like such a good catch.


  2. Impressive! Thank you, Servetus, for alerting me to those pictures and videos! ( I am in my year-closing mode and a bit emotional right now, so every comment regarding the hand is forbidden ;o)


  3. Beautiful thumb shot *sigh* And that lovely hair on his forearm just asks to be touched. 😉

    Hand? Lips? servetus, I don’t think you’re the only one!
    (I hope grading is proceeding smoothly and that the end of your workload for the year is in sight.)

    Off to RANet to check out the rest of these caps!


  4. Richard is just the complete package for many of us!!! All I want for Christmas……


  5. Thanks for pointing out this “thumb shot” Servetus! There can never be too many of them to my way of thinking! 🙂 I also liked this screen cap
    as we see another instance of him not using the handle on that mug he is holding!! So nothing new there then.!

    “The complete package” – how right you are Mersguy!! I can just hear that “All i want for Christmas” song in my head now and imagine the video with Mr. A that goes with it!!


    • Thud….What an absolutely delightful vid, gone all girlie now!


    • Oooh, thankyou Teuchter, I hadn’t seen this! *swoon* Luvvit, luvvit, luvvit! *big grin*


    • Great vid — picks the corners of the mouth right up, doesn’t it? 🙂


      • Too right Servetus!! I can clearly recall the first time I watched it! Honestly I nearly fell off my computer chair when she first said “You” and there he was in that white crinkly shirt – a picture I hadn’t seen before then either! *Swoon*!! 😀


        • Coupling the “you” with the first gorgeous pic was inspired editing. The slow leadup had me hanging out for that first sight of Richard, then my heart leapt at that point and was all over the place for the rest of the video. No idea how I’ve missed seeing it all this time!


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