Crazy squeeee!

If you can’t get the iTunes store to load go to Trailer Addict: . Bccmee also has it uploaded here.

He sings!!!!!!

Servetus is ecstatic!!!!!

My caps, from the trailer.

I am SO going to the theatre tomorrow.

~ by Servetus on December 21, 2011.

59 Responses to “Crazy squeeee!”

  1. What a beautiful voice. I am soooo ecstatic too. How will I wait a year to watch this. Oh great, another thing to fixate on…RA as Thorin. Add another character to fall in love with to the list.

  2. Oh my gosh! Can the man sing or WHAT?!!!

  3. ::dies::

  4. World meet Richard armitage. Richard armitage say hello.

    • it’s really true. He’s going to have made himself unforgettable. I hope he’s ready for what awaits him.

  5. It’s official: I am totally, madly in love with a 200-year-old dwarf. Oh, to hear his singing voice and his speaking voice again . . . in something new.

    *sigh* *thud* *drool*

    I have to say, that is one sexy dwarf. Sure, Aidan is a pretty fellow, but Thorin!! Oh my!!

  6. Add me to the list!! Still shaking after viewing it umpteen times already. That voice – whether he is speaking or singing is just . . . . well, you know what I mean! I’m lost for words to describe the feeling!! πŸ˜€

    • I’m going to try to be exact tomorrow. I’ve listened to that song about a jazillion times now, I ought to be able to bring forward some analysis.

  7. Richard as Thorin has gravitas! And goodness, he is darn sexy doing it, too. That voice. Oh my! Sighhhhh! *Swoon* *Thud*

  8. Finding it hard to string two words together at the moment! I’m in tears. Back later…

    • The old song “You are So Beautiful” popped into my mind.

      This experience seems to be “every thing Richard hoped for, everything he dreamed . . .”

      Yeah, I’ve cried, too. And I keep hearing that haunting ballad in my head. I hope we get treated to several songs by the dwarfs, don’t you?

  9. Yes, yes, yes! I’m speechless for once in my life!

  10. I’m seriously off-balance after (A) seeing Thorin on horseback and (B) hearing him sing. Only two of my senses affected and I’m in overload.

    • I’ve lost count of how many times I have watched it now.

      Lordie, but he looks good on horseback. And I love, love, love that song.
      Thank goodness they didn’t show him with his fierce on, wielding Orcrist, or I might have collapsed from the heart palpitations.

      He may be a dwarf, but that’s a proper MAN, I’m telling ya.

      • The summer publicity took care of that part, I think. No one doubts he can swing a sword, it’s the acting that’s left to prove. Which he certainly managed.

  11. Finally, finally, I have a chance to get some time and the laptop to myself! After my intial viewing which was rather hurried and left me overwhelmed and in tears (I had to shut myself in the bathroom for a few minutes!), I have now watched the trailer numerous times after downloading it with RealPlayer. I’ve bounced between blogs and posts and comments and landed here, still trying to bring some cohesion to my thoughts.

    That first sight of Richard took my breath away, my heart was pounding, then when he started to sing, the tears welled. It’s one thing hearing him sing in Clarissa, but to SEE him sing…I can’t explain…and such a beautiful, haunting song, too.
    “I cannot guarantee his safety.” Heavens, I turn to mush every time I hear him speak those words!

    Thorin joins the chaRActers I’m besotted with and after less than a minute of screentime too! He’s a helluva sexy dwarf with Richard’s beautiful voice and eyes you can drown in so, yep, I’m a goner.

    Martin Freeman is perfect as Bilbo Baggins, and I loved the way the dwarves were introduced.
    And Peter Jackson…the maestro. It’s a superb trailer.

    • It’s really a lovely little work of art on its own, isn’t it, that trailer.

      It gives us such a wonderful glimpse into what to expect from the cinematography, the location shoots, and of course, the close-up and comical look at all the dwarfs.

      But I was distinctly NOT laughing at Thorin. I think in awe would be a better description.

      Oh, my gosh. The gravitas. The regal poise in the saddle. HIs lovely baritone as he sang such a haunting song, (I can’t get it out of my mind)

      The expressiveness of those eyes and that voice as he spoke to Gandalf.

      Thorin rocks. Richard Armitage rocks. Sir Peter and Co. you all rock!!

      • angie, I’m so glad we didn’t lose those eyes under lots of prosthetics and hair. I vaguely recall that was a concern expressed in earlier posts when Richard as Thorin was discussed.
        I was rapt to see him back on a horse as well, he does sit so beautifully in the saddle.

        • Yes, those eyes are just too wonderful and able to convey so much emotion–it would have been an absolute shame to hide them. But I felt in my heart PJ would do right by Richard. And i think he has.

          I would have to say three years of playing Guy really gives Richard an ease and confidence in the saddle, doesn’t it? It’s like he was born to ride.

          I thought it was interesting in Eric Vespe’s blog that they are using horses dressed up to look like ponies instead of the real thing–because the taller cast members (like Richard) would have their feet dragging the ground otherwise. πŸ˜‰

        • PJ said that Thorin was in good hands with Richard, in response to the negativity which greeted the announcement, and he has been undeniably vindicated in that decision. Although we knew all along it was the right one of course. πŸ˜‰ The trailer is a way of showing just what a brilliant decision that was, featuring Thorin heavily.
          I’ve always felt too that Richard was in good hands with PJ. The man is a master at what he does, but he is also a seemingly down to earth, decent man with no airs and graces. Sound familiar? πŸ˜‰

          • Yes, the vibes I get from reading Peter’s comments and seeing him in the various vlogs are of a very creative, imaginative man who has remained down to earth and who obviously deeply enjoys and feels passionate about his work. No El Divo type anymore than RA is.

            I suspect those two are on the same page and likely getting along famously. πŸ˜€ And I think PJ and his team are geniuses in how they are promoting the movie. It’s still a year away and look at how many people are already dying to see it?!

            • After seeing Tin Tin I really hope that Jackson and Armitage have developed a good working relationship. When you look at the Tin Tin credits and see how many of those people have worked with Jackson before, it’s a real networking opportunity.

  12. This post didn’t come to my inbox! Bummer. I wonder how many I’ve missed.

    I think we’re going to the theater too, but probably not until tomorrow or Friday.

    Have you heard the extended version of the song? It’s wonderful. I snagged a copy of it. Listening to it on repeat as I type this.

    I’m not obsessed. No, no, seriously I”m not.

  13. I just checked my other email, which is also subscribed, and this post didn’t come to that one either. Just thought you might want to know.

    • I’m interested in this problem but have no idea what to do about it. I don’t post everything I do here to twitter and facebook — no off topic posts — but I assume the email is supposed to send itself. There was also a problem this week between AVG and wordpress that is supposedly cleared up now …

  14. OK you people have totally messed up my day! I had shopping to do. Did I get it done??!! NO!! Why?!! Cause I kept getting emails coming to my phone..beep, post at Me&RA. Gotta read. Could be important. Next store, beep, post at RAFrenzy. Must read. Could be really important. Down aisle 4, beep, post at bccmee, RAFrenzy, Me&RA, RA Fan Blog all at the same time…wait it’s not 4 emails, it’s 10!!! At once. Better stop and read. Could be a news flash. And on and on…really!! After last night, I thought surely you were all napping soundly. I’m home now. And nothing. Absolutely no emails coming in. *snort* Guess I’ll go wash some dishes or something I should’ve done last night but was too busy…

    • Oh, NB, you make me laugh! Here I was thinking I just might have to get myself a new wizz-bang touch phone to replace my eight year old mobile…I would never get anything done! But the thought of having Armitage on the move is very tempting! πŸ˜‰ I fully intended to get out into the garden before the heat of the day, but no, I was having too much fun here and on frenz’z and callie’s. Have only done an hour’s work outside and it’s getting too hot for me now! I need a cool Misty Mountain song to cool me down…again…

      • oh the garden will keep πŸ™‚

        • It has had to today! *grin*
          Then hubby came home from work and enquired about my day. Err, ummm *cough* I’ve been sitting on my backside listening to dwarves singing? Swooning and sighing over their achingly awesome leader? Nah, let’s just say I fudged on that answer!! πŸ˜‰

          • I am right in the middle of a project, but I had to add this–

            Remember, Mezz. What happens in Middle Earth, stays in Middle Earth.


            As well as–when it comes to our hubbies re our fascination with RA, sometimes ignorance is bliss.

            • angie, he was always indulgent of my crush on Pierce Brosnan, and that existed for the majority of our married life (over 30 years) but Richard is a whole different story in terms of intensity and my access to the net these days. When hubby’s away for work, my Armitagemania has free rein, like last week when I totally immersed myself in N&S.

              I will keep your wise advice in mind! Middle Earth joins Nottingham, MI5, Africa, Milton, Dibley and Armitageworld in general!! πŸ˜‰

              PS Have you had ANY sleep at all in the last 24-36 hours?!!! πŸ™‚

              • LOL I have shown up all over the place at all hours, haven’t I?

                I didn’t sleep at all last night, got two hours of sleep at midday and napped from 8 to 9 p.m. Good thing I am currently unemployed. It would have been a hellish day today otherwise. I had a definite case of Armitage hangover.

                Now I am working on a New Year’s fanvid and I have teared up over that.
                I told Benny earlier that believe me, I was far from the only one who had a major crush on Richard. πŸ˜‰ Just like you, I have had other crushes, but nothing at all on the scale, the magnitude of the way I feel about RA.*sigh*

              • I barely got five hours last night and I’m one of those people who really need their sleep, but I’m not tired…yet. It must be all the excitement that’s kept me going πŸ˜‰

                The time difference can make commmenting here disjointed, so it’s always fun from this end when you are up late!! I look forward to your new fanvid.

                At least Benny is aware of your crush on Richard, he sounds totally cool with it. Mine is in blissful ignorance. You would think the collection of dvds would be a giveaway but he hasn’t made that one very important connection between them yet! πŸ˜‰

                • I know, when it’s an international consortium of fangurlz, being online at the same time can be daunting. I have always been a bit of a night owl–I have written newspaper articles at 2 a.m. (and fan fic) but if I have to get up early the next day, I am wasted by the afternoon. I have FMS and that just exacerbates the situation.

                  I was soooo tired earlier and I think that’s why I fell asleep from 8 til 9. But once I woke up and started reading more comments on the blogs and working on this vid, it’s as if I was wide-awake again. I had to watch the trailer video just a few more times . . .

                  I think I am finished with the vid, I need to save it and I will upload it tomorrow–or should I say, later today.:) I found this marvelous song by Peggy Lee, “My Dear Acquaintance-Happy New Year” on iTunes that seemed perfect for RA.

                  Yes, Benny is a cool guy. I have told him that i honestly think if he could actually met Richard, he would like him. They have a lot of personality characteristics in common. And I have very good taste in men. πŸ˜‰

                  • Something I find amusing is that I just read a post about what Generation Y is like (the so-called “milennials”). Apparently one thing that distinguishes them from me (Generation X) is that they are globally connected. I had to laugh because since writing this blog I think more often than I ever thought I would have about what time it is in Australia. Not because of The Hobbit, but because Australia is waking up as I’m ready to go to bed and I’m wondering if I’ll get to hear from anyone on the other side of the globe.

                    • Hi, Servetus….just answering your call!

                    • BTW… was 9.31am Friday, 23 Dec 2011, when I hit “send” before – just so you can work out the time difference between you and eastern Australia!

                    • I find googling “what time now in…?” very handy!
                      Having been to England and Hawaii, I know that they are 11 and 23 hours behind us respectively here in eastern Australia, so I use that as a guide as well.
                      I often wake up to an inbox full of blog mail, but by early evening here it’s petered out. Unless angie’s up very late of course!!! πŸ˜‰

                    • Did I hear someone call my name? πŸ˜‰

                      I actually will be trying to go to sleep in another hour or so. I have to be up earlier for a change–a much-needed haircut before Christmas. It’s only been four months (though I did have the bangs trimmed in late September)
                      I trust Spouse to do my haircolor but cut my hair? Nah.

    • Sorry about that. My schedule is a bit off this week because of babysitting.

  15. It does confirm PJ as a master publicist: he’s let other actors spout off, while allowing RA ro remain a bit under the radar and “doling” him out in ways that probably sit well with that actor anyway. The trailer seems like the beginning of more small Thorin-teasers to come. (Just guessing). And then letting the acting speak for itself after Dec. 2012. Anyway – it was a great trailer!

    • I agree, fitzg. And just at the point at which I was hearing “James Nesbitt is annoying” he disappeared from the airwaves. I think PJ has his publicity machine operating just right. Make the fangrrls salivate, right?

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