Armitage anatomy: Facial veins

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) urges Roger Maynard to hang on, in Spooks 8.5. My cap.

Now you know what to say when you want to run your finger down Lucas’s protruding veins. “Calm down, sweetie,” you can coo. “Let me stroke your frontal vein. There, there.”

And here’s a followup on the pronounced motion of occipitofrontalis / epicranius, the most easily visible muscle in Armitage’s face, which is so pronounced here that we can see it in profile:

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) talks to Ros as he bugs Hans Lindemann’s house in Spooks 8.8. My cap.

~ by Servetus on January 2, 2012.

18 Responses to “Armitage anatomy: Facial veins”

  1. ROTFL….the subjects you think of!! It is very pronouced isnt it!
    Check out RH S3 Ep 1 – Guy is lying down, head thrown backwards and there’s that suptratrochlear vein throbbing away! An orgasmic piece on television!


    • I figure this is what he would look like if for any reason I found myself lying under him, face up, while he was lying above me, face down. So it’s good to know what to call a vein should one for any reason find oneself in that particular position, which often calls for caresses and sweet nothings, right? 🙂 Not that I’d ever want to find myself in that particular position with Lucas North, oh no, not me.


  2. Oh no not you servetus, you would not want to find yourself in that position with Lucas North. Hmm. On second thought, thou doest protest too much. WInk, wink.


    • I didn’t have sexual fantasies about Lucas North at all till episode 2 or 3 of series 9 — and then they hit with a vengeance.

      But I’m a good girl, and I’d never find myself in that position with him. I’d be on top. (winks)


  3. OMG That was my first thought when I saw that top pic…I would have be under him (Lucas/Guy/Thornton/Porter…I don’t care!!) looking up to see him at that angle *thud*


  4. All this talk of being under Lucas North…it’s enough to make a girl…*thud*


  5. I have never thought this was an attractive picture of RA, but that’s okay because he certainly wasn’t trying to look attractive. I think this scene shows how intensely he can flex his facial muscles! It reminds me of how a body builder flexes an arm muscle, which also makes me cringe, by the way.
    His face shows how hard he is trying to keep this man (Roger Maynard – thanks for supplying the name) alive. That’s why it is so difficult later to believe anything bad about Lucas. He just cares so much!
    Yep. I truly believe Richard Armitage is the Mr. Universe of facial muscles! 🙂
    Thanks for pointing this out!


  6. You all are shameless! I must admit I’m with you on all counts. There is no doubt that veins can have a certain allure about them. Some more than others I guess. Sexy feet have some significant protruding veins across them. RA has great BIG sexy feet. Yes, I said it. Well, it is almost 2:30 a.m. here, so I’ll just take these happy thoughts to bed with me! Servetus, hope your trip has gone smoothly. Take care!


  7. I would like to ride Guy of Gizborne! Thank you;)


  8. I remember vividly a point in the early 90s or so when suddenly many actors started to show veins on their foreheads. I don’t remember seeing it so much earlier. Female actors in particular could display simultaneously their extreme thinness — Winona Ryder comes to mind — and a lovely translucence of their skin. Male actors could use that vein to display a certain vulnerability and stress and even emotion.

    Am I wrong? did actors show evidence of forehead veins earlier, or was it all nicely covered up with makeup? I can’t imagine Carol Lombard showing off anything as gauche as a vein.


    • Interesting. I admit that this post was partially prompted by seeing Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman on the 30th — she has a vein like this — and while writing this post I discovered that there are lists on the web of celebrities with prominent forehead veins.


      • Oh, that’s right! forgot about that one. Maybe Julia Roberts single-handedly brought in The Vein. And that was late 80s.


  9. Thanks for all the comments: proof that a pinch of prurience to start the new year never goes amiss!


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