Armitage anatomy: that oh so vulnerable suborbital vein

Top searches leading to this blog today? “lara pulver,” “lara pulver naked,” “lara pulver hot.” Poor Richard Armitage, who only drew a quarter as many searches as usual. Any reader who ends up here: I have no pictures of Lara Pulver naked and wouldn’t post them if I had.

still on the road. unanticipated snow made it hard for other drivers to cope. tips for success on slippery roads: use your gas pedal as a brake. use your actual brake as little as possible. if you think you have to use your brake and are already coasting, steer slightly onto the shoulder and use those bumps to help you brake. do not accelerate suddenly, ever, for any reason. if you skid after accelerating, always steer into the skid. be extra alert to what other drivers are doing. do not pass. if you think you have to pass, leave three times as much time as you would on normal roads. do not change lanes in front of a semi trailer, thus blocking it as it accelerates down an icy hill. he can use his engine to brake but there’s little else he can do on ice to slow his forward momentum that won’t jackknife the trailer. follow other cars at three times the distance you normally would. all in all, turn off your cell phone, relax your body as much as possible, and concentrate!

This is what Lucas North (Richard Armitage) looks like when he’s concentrating.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) reads the micromedia he got in Moscow, in Spooks 7.8. Source:

Here’s Mr. Armitage’s face from the other side, with a slightly different perspective on the veins we looked at yesterday — you can see the angular vein more clearly — plus a few more that are more visible from this angle. We’ll come back to the superficial temporal vein, as that one shows to advantage in some other pictures. Here, in particular, I am really liking the look of the suborbital vein.

The same. Source:

The appearance of the vein here makes him look a little bit older and a little fatigued. Vulnerable. Let me kiss that little vein, Lucas, dear.

~ by Servetus on January 3, 2012.

26 Responses to “Armitage anatomy: that oh so vulnerable suborbital vein”

  1. I’m so glad you cleared that up for me, I always thought he had a little scar under his eye, not a suborbital vein. I called it his catus scar!
    Brilliant work once again!! btw no desire to see LP naked either!


  2. Uh-huh, me too servetus. The appearance of that little vein under his eye usually has the effect of making me want to kiss it and make things better. Oh what the heck, bestowing a kiss anywhere on Lucas would make ME feel a whole lot better…the end of that beautiful aquiline nose, that little scar on his forehead, the cupid’s bow of his mouth, the crinkle between his brows…and don’t get me started on the tattoos!! *cough* 😉

    Take care on the road servetus, safe trip!!


  3. Lol – that’s because of Sherlock.


  4. Hi Serv,
    I like that RA has more wrinkle lines, veins popping, etc., than I do–despite the fact I’m old enough to have babysat him. Hmmm. Now there’s some role playing for you. Ha! Just in keeping with the other ladies comments.
    Thanks for another interesting essay.
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  5. LOL, the Hobbit trailer is SO last week. (And Richard’s IMDb ranking has dropped to 298.)


  6. Makes sense, Mezz. Work on The Hobbit looks very intense. Exhausting just watching PJ blogs.

    Hobbit trailer on big screen very good. Accompanied by Spielberg’s TinTin, which is excellent.


    • I wonder how many people went to see Tin Tin just so they could watch The Hobbit trailer. Great marketing tactic!


      • A fair number, I think. I’ve been hearing mixed reactions to TinTin from my circle of friends. I think that those who read it as children liked it better.


  7. Thanks for that very, very informative article Servetus. I always wondered about that little ‘scar’ under his eye – and have always wanted to run my finger over it! And some very good advise about driving in slippery conditions too. I wrote off my car on black ice some years ago – kept it on the road, mind, but just didn’t have enough space to stop so went into the back of a van. Very scary & I still don’t like driving (or being a passenger) in snow and ice to this day!


    • it’s very frightening to lose control of a car. I think that’s why people drive so badly on ice — they increase their tension level and reaction too quickly and in the wrong ways.


  8. Thanks for adding a little Lucas to your snowy driving tips. I HATE driving in the snow, it scares me to death! (Bad choice of words there).


    • I started drivers’ ed in January in WI, and the first thing the instructor said to us was, “when you get in a car, you have a deadly weapon in your hands.” That has stuck with me.


  9. Thanks for the educational and highly entertaining lesson on facial anatomy. *somewhere between chortling and drooling*

    “lara pulver”? WTH The mysteries of the internet!

    Be careful out there! I once drove 60 miles through an ice storm, and yes, the things to remember actually work. Stay safe.


  10. Lara Pulwer naked?…. It was my hubby,surely!
    Fascinating lecture,bye the way:)


  11. drive safe! lara was in the recent episode of BBC’s Sherlock Holmes. love that SHOW. she was vry good in it and was pretty naked. those racy brits!


  12. […] more Richard Armitage suborbital vein discussion, see this post. Interesting that Francis Dolarhyde has renewed my interest in Armitage […]


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