I’ll be taking part in FanstRAvaganza 3!

First, I want to thank Jane for her interview and her willingness to defend her position. If you haven’t read the last three thought provoking posts, please do. Meanwhile, I’ve got some nasty upper respiratory bug with associated fever, so no new chunk of prose for you today. It’s back to bed for me shortly with a big pot of tea. However, to tide you over till I can think again, I’ve got a big announcement!

Thanks to  bccmee for the great graphic!

The dates of the event will be March 12-18, 2012.

Anchor blogs (so far) will be: An RA Viewer’s Perspective from 33° 0′ South of the Equator; bccmee’s Richard Armitage Fan Vids & Graphics; CDoart: Richard Armitage & History & Spooks; Confessions of a Watcher; DistRActed Musings of One ReAlity; me + richard armitage; RAFrenzy; Richard Armitage Fan Blog; The Squeee. Check these blogs out daily during the event for updates and new posts!

This year we are also creating a tagteam of bloggers whose work will be featured each day on the anchor blogs, and who are currently in process of recruitment. We’ve sent out a bunch of invitations, but if you didn’t get one and would like to participate, just contact me (my address is in the sidebar under “about blog and blogger”)! The next event update will include a full list of these bloggers.

If you would like to receive updates about the event as we have them, you can follow the Fanstravaganza page at twitter, search for our hashtag #fanstRA, or “like” the event facebook page. I’ll be posting a weekly “Best of Classic Fanstravaganza” post there to keep us all warm while we’re waiting.

Once the event starts, you will be able to catch updates as they happen at the twitter Fanstravaganza page, via our hashtag #fanstRA, or by “liking” the event facebook page. CDoart will also be creating a dedicated content update page for the event (here’s link to last year’s page). We’ll also be interlinking all the posts this year so no one misses anything they really want to read!

And if you’re a newbie, what is FanstRAvaganza? It’s an event originally organized at Richard Armitage Fan Blog two years ago to present a special week of blogging on Richard Armitage and, in particular, his fans! It expanded drastically last year, and we liked it so much we’re doing it for a third year. To my sorrow, I made up the name, which is too long and seriously hard to type, but no one will let me forget it or get away from it now. On this blog you’ll get the usual from me, this time with a mixture of spoofs and fan interviews.

I’m really looking forward! Can’t wait!

(Now to kick this fever. Talk to you soon.)

~ by Servetus on January 19, 2012.

23 Responses to “I’ll be taking part in FanstRAvaganza 3!”

  1. Get well soon, S. After falling again, it’s been a sort of two steps forward three steps back kind of week for me. Glad you put this up as Leigh was just asking me about the dates of the event and I couldn’t remember.*two thumbs up Sweetie John style*


  2. Get well soon! Sympathies and empathies: having spent New Year’s to a week ago with the annual one of those. And multiple pots of teas and litres of orange juice. 🙂

    Thrilled about FransRAv 2012!


  3. Woo hoo!! And do feel better!


  4. […] If you want to read a great overview of the FanstRAvaganza event, including how it got its name, please head on over to servetus’ blog. She says it better than I ever can. Me + Richard Armitage […]


  5. O yes,so hastily jump under the blankets and I recommend a decent dose of RAmedicine. Sweet dReAms,darling!;)


  6. Good luck kicking that fever where it hurts.

    Looking forward to the FanstRAvaganza festivities. I need to add that word to my spell checker. 😉 Perhaps someone will contact Merriam-Webster since RA will be a household name.


  7. Praying you get well soon! Looking forward to the FansRAvaganza fun.


  8. I hope you feel better soon!


  9. Get well soon, Serv,
    I’m sending the chicken soup, hot tea and cinnamon sprinkled toast, and gingerale “faeries” your way.
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  10. […] am going to talk about FanstRAvaganza at some point, but for now, read Servetus’ post which has details about when and where and whom. Advertisement GA_googleAddAttr("AdOpt", "1"); […]


  11. Thanks for the good wishes, all!


  12. Hi :

    Look at this : https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=V2k_EiYh4IU



  13. Hope you are feeling much better servetus 🙂


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  16. […] you who have no idea what I’m talking, let me explain. I’ll quote Servetus from over at Me + Richard Armitage. FanstRAvaganza […]


  17. […] details can be found in this article by Servetus, who will kindly organise the participation for the […]


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  19. […] To find out about the bloggers who put this together visit Me and Richard. […]


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