Legenda 19: Stuff worth reading (post F3 edition)

[Legenda offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but which are linked in the sidebar. Because I always forget or just miss stuff, please add additional pieces of interest via link in the comments.]

A lot of people are saying they haven’t had time to read everything from F3 yet — I know I haven’t, either. An index of the complete list of posts can be found here.

But extra-F3 Armitage blogosphere activity was underway the last two weeks as well. Herewith a few highlights.

  • khandy has edited her Sparkhouse-inspired fanfic, “In the Bleak Midwinter,” and published it as a Kindle book under the title “Weathering the Storm.” Available at amazon.com here and amazon.co.uk here. I bought it right away, though the names have changed — I’ve read that story so many more times than what she’s charging for it, I should probably buy three copies! Congratulations to her.
  • Pursuant to Mrs. Darcy’s F3 discussion of Thorin merchandise, Heirs of Durin links to pre-orderable Hobbit stuff.
  • Also at Heirs of Durin, link to an interesting podcast on Thorin by a Tolkien expert.
  • An evocative discussion of “why Richard Armitage? why me?” at The French Armitage Army.
  • The Hobbit rights protection gone awry? Discussed at Jas Rangoon. The situation has moved on since that post, and once again, what I know leaves me SO IMPRESSED by Ian McKellen, to wit:

~ by Servetus on March 19, 2012.

17 Responses to “Legenda 19: Stuff worth reading (post F3 edition)”

  1. I love these Legenda posts. There always seems to be something that I’ve missed.

    I hadn’t seen that Tweet about Stephen Fry and Ian McKellan paying the licensing fees. It just me think even more highly of them!


    • I only saw it because of the Twitter link on your post 🙂 It impressed the h*** out of me.


    • This is so cool that the pub is being saved! Chalk up one for the little guys–with some friends in very high places. Ha!


    • I know. I’m sure it gave them both warm, fuzzy feelings to know they’d been able ‘right’ such a horrible ‘wrong’. I have to say I will likely still skip the merchandising for the Hobbit now that I know who owns those rights.

      So the Mayor of Laketown and Gandalf save (first with invaluable press and attention, then by paying the fees) the Hobbit. Seems more than appropriate, doesn’t it? 😉

      Classy, classy men.


  2. […] I hadn’t seen until I read Servetus’ post today, was […]


  3. Hi Servetus,
    Thanks so much for mentioning my N&S fan fic story link in your Legenda post today
    Cheers! Grati ;->


  4. Great collection of interesting posts! Nice to see that life continued outside of FanstRAvganza 3. 😉


  5. Thanks for this. I also noticed that there is/has just been a fan event on Tumblr called RApocalypse2012. Here’s the link to tagged posts: http://www.tumblr.com/tagged/RApocalypse2012


  6. It’s me again. I just noticed your cyber-bullying graphic in the sidebar. Hope you don’t mind that I uploaded it on my blog too. A very important message, especially in light of the recent webcam suicide trial.


    • you’re very welcome — although it lacks the sophistication of your graphics. I am sure you could make a much better one. I’ll have something to say about this in a few days, I think. It’s burning on my mind.


  7. Do you know what this fan community is amazing. The support everybody gives each is other is just wonderful. Thank you so much for mentioning my novel Servetus. It was a bit of a wrench to change John to Will but at heart its the same character. I hope anybody who does read enjoys what I have done with it.


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