Mr. Armitage meets The Dementor

Previous Armitage dreams in which Armitage appears as Armitage: first (recurring) ; second ; third (recurring) ; fourth ; fifth.

[Friday night to Saturday morning dream. In order to understand this dream: “The Dementor” is someone I worked with in my last job. He’s also incidentally the person whom Michael Fassbender reminds me of — something about the eyebrows / forehead — in case you’ve been wondering why I’m so Fassbender-allergic. And I’m currently teaching a course that I have almost never had to teach because The Dementor is a world expert on the topic and has written two of the most important textbooks for teaching it, and I’m using his textbooks. I dream about The Dementor off and on, usually unpleasant re-enactments of one of two very traumatic encounters I had with with him in real life.]

In the dream, I’m in a big bed with Richard Armitage in my actual present bedroom. Armitage appears in his short, brown-haired, bearded guise (vlog #2). In the dream I know that it’s my bed, but the dream bed is a much nicer bed than mine, very large, with expensive thread-count sheets and puffy eider-down duvets. Everything is blue. As I wake up I notice all this luxury and wonder hazily whose sheets these are. I’m lying in his arms, dozing, and he sneezes, and I look up blearily, and he’s reading one of the textbooks from one of my courses. It looks like he’s about halfway through. The copy in his hand has the binding broken. “This is fascinating!” he says, in a tone of strong excitement. “Did you read this section about–” and I say, “People will think I am stupid” and he says, with the same tone and energy, running over my words and interrupting, “think what? Did you know that–”

and suddenly we both look over to the bedroom window. The Dementor is outside, looking through the window, and then putting his hand through the window, and then coming in through the window. He doesn’t say anything, but he climbs onto the bed and tries to take the textbook away from Richard Armitage, who says to him, still in the tone of energetic fascination, “Wait a minute. Did you read this section about–” and holds the book away from The Dementor as The Dementor tries to grab it. The Dementor ends up in bed with us, squabbling over the book, but I’m not there for long because

the doorbell rings. In the dream, I move to answer it, and I keep falling over dirty dishes on the floor of the apartment in the dream. Somehow, however, the real, conscious me, answers the actual apartment door, but no one is there. The real, conscious me then collapses onto the sofa, heart pounding.

~ by Servetus on April 22, 2012.

37 Responses to “Mr. Armitage meets The Dementor”

  1. Hmmm. Maybe you fear memories of the Dementor may rob you of your joy in teaching that class and you’re now fighting back. You have obstacles but you will make it.


    • I also feel like it’s an “overcoming problems” dream.


      • Hi Serv,
        I also perceived the “overcoming problems” aspect of this dream tale. RA as intercessor was reframing the “text” and context for you of what you’re teaching–of the Dementor Expert (or expert dementor?) subject area–reclaiming this “text” for you and disassociating it from the dementor. All in a good night’s work for RA–and you.
        Cheers! Grati ;->


  2. I love that he’s so enthusiastic about the textbook! No matter what you say, he keeps going back to the textbook. Then the Dementor enters, and he still goes back to the textbook. One track mind – wonder what that means?


    • one possibility I considered / consider in interpreting Armitage dreams is that Richard Armitage is my unexpressed id. Following that scheme, in this dream I’d be the ego, The Dementor is the superego. So Armitage would represent my untrammeled interest in the subject. (Although, frankly, the subject of the course is not one in which I experience high interest.)


  3. After John Porter training, I am sure RA will win the struggle and I hope The Dementor has a blue eye afterwards ;o) – I am really peace loving, just not entirely always.
    I am quite curious what RA has to tell about the text book, but I would not advise him to say something nice about it ;o)
    In my opinion it is a good sign, that you can leave your problems and tormentors with RA to cope with them accordingly.


    • If it were a Porter dream, I’d be up for him killing The Dementor, but I can’t say I’d find it attractive to dream about Richard Armitage doing that.

      It’s interesting — I hadn’t thought about what Armitage is trying to *say* about the textbook, and doesn’t get to say.


  4. Sorry the dReAm shook you up. 😦 In a place that you should feel safe and secure The Dementor has tracked you down and worked his way in.
    I’m going to go with the theory that RA is you and with this intrusion into your “personal space” you aren’t going to let The Dementor have his way without a struggle. I also like how RA wouldn’t acknowledge your statement in the dream that you are stupid, he says back “think what?” You’re coming to realize (somewhere inside) that you aren’t at fault for what happened to you and it didn’t happen because of something you didn’t foresee or whatever. Maybe the door ringing is a new opportunity? What do I know… Hope you have a beautiful day!


    • @Snicker’s Mom, I really like this outline you’ve laid out! My version is very similar, actually!

      In it, RA represents Servetus’s natural love for the subject matter and material – her genuine and untiring admiration for her work. In this case, she is using Mr. Dementor’s textbook and RA is her happy enthusiasm.

      The Servetus waking up next to RA represents her resistance and insecurity towards needing to use Mr. Dementor’s textbook for the class.

      The Dementor is Servetus’s unresolved feelings towards Mr. Dementor, always in pursuit and doing battle with her natural love of the material. The love of the material (as represented by RA) is undaunted. However, the unresolved feelings towards Dementor will always pursue and do battle with the RA enthusiasm – hence the battle on the bed. They appear to battle over the textbook because this is the physical symbol of the conflict as it is being used in Servetus’s class this quarter (likely triggering the subliminal awareness of interior conflict).

      The doorbell could be an opportunity … as yet unmaterialized so there appears to be no one there, but it is beckoning. On the way there, she trips over a lot of dirty dishes. Items consumed but not yet cleared away … this reminds me of boxes and boxes of dusty paperwork not yet cleaned of their residual old energy….

      Them’s my 2 cents / pence.


      • Yes, I like how you addressed the textbook along with her work. And the dishes. I think we are on to something. 🙂


        • Well, Servetus did take excellent notes of her dream. 😉

          It feels like I’ve just channeled a scene from ‘A Dangerous Method’ since this is basically what Freud and Jung do for long sequences of that movie. 🙂


      • I love the possibility that my love of the material could be undaunted. That’s a really moving moment of this reading.

        Right on, on the dirty dishes, too. They appear a lot in my dreams.


        • Here’s a writer’s outtake for you: When I first re-read what I had written, I actually tripped on this word. I clearly saw ‘undaunted’, but kept questioning it upon re-read (I even thought RA was more of an ‘indefatigable’ in your dream). In the end, I left it as it came in.

          Yeah, the dishes had me stumped for awhile. Until a certain phrasing, ‘consumed, completed, but not cleared’ came in.

          I gotta admit, I felt a little like Indiana Jones in ‘The Last Crusade’ meandering through this terrain! 😉


    • That’s true, Snicker’s Mom, I hadn’t thought of him refusing to listen to me run myself down. Aaaaw. And I agree that this is a “The Dementor tries to come back into my life” negative fantasy. I’m wondering what triggered that bit of unpleasantness.


  5. Wow. I hate to say this. But this IS FASCINATING!!!! I seriously CANNOT GET OVER THIS!!

    Both MF and RA, huh?

    I feel mildly implicated … so I might need to take a break to process this.

    I am super pleased to see this post on the Dementor as I’ve always mildly wondered about your responses to MF.

    You are very lucky in your symbolic dream imagery, Servetus! 😉


    • Now that I have a year behind me of basically getting enough sleep, my dreams are becoming more distinct. My last therapist was always concerned that I didn’t really have dreams, or at least never ones that I remembered.


  6. So very pleasant start(Richie is reading in your bed) but theh this other one looking at you through the window..brrrr…and reaching out hand…*shivers*…it’s horror.


    • yeah, here’s to more dreams with “Richie” in my bed.

      Somehow I can hear you saying “Richie” in Polish and it sounds so sweet.


  7. Sticking with the Harry Potter theme, is RA your Patronus, helping you fight off the Dementor?


    • I think on some level, yes, that is one reading. I started calling The Dementor that because just seeing him started to suck everything out of me. And after all, Richard Armitage is not real here, he’s also an illusion.


  8. I hardly ever remember my dreams so when I do, I pay attention to them.

    I have a couple of great books that I use, so I’ll try and remember to get them out when i get home and tell you what the various elements in your dream can represent.


    • I’m interested in any reading (being a both / and kind of gal).


      • I don’t think all dreams mean something, but I think some do. I often dream of car crashes when I’m feeling out of control, for example. I also have had a few really nasty dreams, like when I’m killing my dogs but they wont die (anyone who knows me knows i adore them). That one so bothered me that i got up in the middle of the night to interpret it, I just couldn’t go back to sleep without understanding it (it basically meant the bloke in my life was bad for me, and i had to “get rid” of him).

        Anyway, this is what the symbols in your dream mean-

        Blue is a healing colour, suggesting relaxation, sleep or peacefulness.

        Celebrities in a dream can represent out animus/anima, or serve as a projection of who we would like to be (a shy person might dream of a confident celebrity for example)

        A bed can represent a desire for safety and security. if there is fresh linen on the bed, this can indicate a desire to take a fresh approach to things that are important.

        reading a book suggests we are seeking information, or seeking to recall events from our past.

        Breaking in through a window can suggest a first sexual experience.

        A doorbell warns us to be alert, or indicates a desire to contact someone we are estranged from.

        difficulty opening (or getting to?) a door can indicates that we are creating obstacles for ourselves. Opening the door (I don’t know if you got that far in the dream) indicates that we are ready to move forward.

        falling indicates a lack of confidence in our abilities, feeling threatened or surrender (especially sexual surrender).

        If your dishes are more bowl shaped than flat, they represent the feminine. If more flat, it implies a group ownership, (presumably of the ‘issue’ you are tripping over).

        Negative impulses are often represented as dirty things (or people).

        Obviously not all of that will apply to you (which I why I never like to interpret other peoples dreams unless I know them well) but take what bits do fit with your experiences. If I missed any objects/people or symbols, let me know and I’ll look them up.


        • Cat, thanks *so much* for the time for putting this all done — it’s really interesting to think about, especially the sense in which some symbols have multiple meanings (e.g., the book).


  9. Okay, this CREEPED me out and also helped me understand the Fassbender problem you have. I don’t see it that way, but ugh, what a nightmare.


    • yeah, I agree most people would not agree that The Dementor and MF look anything alike. It’s something about the way they both move their upper faces.

      And yeah, after I was awake, it seemed like a nightmare.


  10. Another reason to get plenty of sleep — so I can dream about Richard Armitage.
    I’m not much for interpreting dreams especially if I don’t know someone, but sounds like Cat Winchester might be on to something.
    I don’t think you have to know The Dementor to have a Michael Fassbender problem. To me, there’s nothing appealing about MF – see, even his initials are offensive.


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