Preoccupied Armitage ogling

What I’ve been looking at, and something that people have been talking about.

Lucas North (Richard Armitage) in post-coital languor with Sarah Caulfield (Genevieve O’Reilly) in Spooks 8.4. Source:

I owe you and myself some real writing here, but I’m still grading. I’m decided, though: I’m going to dive in and try to do twenty-four hours of severe suffering from grading dysphoria, because the idea that this could go on and on and is just unbearable. I’m going to sleep, of course, as well. So posts will be short till grades are submitted, I hope in less than two days. The second half has to go faster than the first, no?

I have “Personal Jesus” on very high volume on iTunes. While I’m trying to drown out the J that way and temporarily recalibrate myself to P for the purposes of the work, we can ogle Richard Armitage’s armpit hair. Ten minutes for every twenty-five pages graded.

~ by Servetus on May 4, 2012.

14 Responses to “Preoccupied Armitage ogling”

  1. For a guy with so little chest hair, he has incredibly hairy armpits. Must do some heavy waxing on the chesticles


    • I’ve always assumed RA makes regular visits to the waxer ( now there is a fantasy alternative career…) as in my experience men who grow beards between 8am and 5pm are hairy all over.

      I wonder if Thorin has a hairy chest…


      • I disagree with both of you. I know 2 guys who have much darker armpit hair than Richard does, who have a “5 o’clock shadow” by 5-6pm” but have very little chest hair. I don’t think Richard’s chest hair is prolific at all.

        It always fascinates me that his armpit hair and the hair on his forearms is so fair but decidedly fulsome!


    • No. In some SB shots you can see that he has chest hair, but it is so little that you have to look hard. 😉 I guess usually he removes what he has for shirtless shots but there is not much to remove to start with. Maybe he thinks nothing is better than just a sad little bit. When he’s not filming he doesn’t wax or shave either, you can sometimes see a few hairs in his collar in pics from events – a few hairs, not a fur!


  2. I thought it was just my hubby’s underarms I was crazy for but I definitely enjoy ogling RA’s too. Yep. I can’t even call it a pit because it is such comfy and happy place! 🙂


  3. Everything about this man is intriguing. We are discussing pits, chest hair, etc. Amazing! I think his chest hair is sparse. I think he removes what little he has for bare chest scenes. The color of it and the hair on his arms is lovely!


  4. Oh, I hit post too soon. My dad, before he went gray, had a auburn mustache and brown hair on his head!


  5. The genetics of HAIR are so random! Some of my family males are major hairy all over capable of growing great busht beards. (both the dark and fair side), and went baldish on top. another (per marriage, had lesser chest and arm hair, but retained the thick hair on top of the head. (Actually, he had trouble with cheek hair. Chin and moustache…good) So, I suppose, we must be tolerant of all male patterns. 😀

    Yeesh, I still have to shave my legs and underarms.


  6. I was wathcing the Meg death scene, yet again, and saw this very poignant thumb sceen:
    Sorry no chest hair.


  7. I never ceased to be surprised by how interested all of us are in his hair growth patterns (me too).


  8. Musings on chest hair: Not sure why men would want to wax their chest hair. It’s what separates the boys from the men. To me that’s what’s most alluring about RA, the fact that he is so manly looking — not like a lot of other actors who look boyish.


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