Relieved Armitage

He does relief so well.

Guy of Gisborne (Richard Armitage) sighs in relief after lying to Marian in Robin Hood 1.13. Source:


Lucas North (Richard Armitage) gathering his nerves after Sarah almost shoots him, in Spooks 8.6. Source:

Harry Kennedy (Richard Armitage) in happy relief after Geraldine agrees to have dinner with him, in Vicar of Dibley: The Handsome Stranger. Source:

I don’t have a lot more than that to say at the moment. This is the mood I’m in sympathy with right now, having finally submitted grades. One thing is really clear; I need a different plan for next semester. I can’t tolerate the level of dysphoria that my scrupulositas in this regard is starting to generate. But for now, I’m just thrilled it’s over until September.

Thanks for all the support yesterday. It really means a lot — to know that when I scream into the void, it’s actually not a void.

So enjoy some Armitage relief, above. I’m going to get some sushi or something celebratory to eat.


Oh, and loved seeing the John Bateman stuntman here. He’s not bad-looking himself; as one says in German, ich würde ihn nicht von der Bettkante stossen (stoßen?).

Talk to you again tomorrow. When I will catch up with comments. When there will be some normal writing here.

~ by Servetus on May 7, 2012.

21 Responses to “Relieved Armitage”

  1. Nice choices of screencaps to illustrate relief. It’s always a joy to look at old pictures in a new light.


  2. I love that pic of Lucas…it helped inspire me to write a one-shot about what happened afterwards and how he sought further relief 😉


  3. Lovely pics Servetus. 🙂

    I love the 3rd pic, Richard is so cute when he smiles like that… swoon…


  4. Glad you are through it now, it must be such a relief. Great pics, I have my year-end accounts coming up at end of the month. I need to plan my RA viewing to get me through! Xxx


  5. What a relief to see RA ;o) I especially connected with Lucas here, as he is standing before great problems, though he has already mastered quite a lot of them. (I still believe he got a second chance as Al ;o)
    That so much seems like my own position right now, some behind, a lot more to go ;o)
    I hope most problems are behind you and you will have a great summer,Servetus!


    • Yeah — it’s true. He’s relieved in that instant but it’s not like the problems are gone. True for many of us, I assume.

      Hang in there!


  6. Congrats on getting the dreadful grading done!!! Time for relaxation with the relief!!

    My only current looming chore is getting the winter tires off, before they are major into male pattern baldness.

    Super pictures!


    • Yes, it may be time for that. I find car chores (I did a bunch of them today) so superfluously annoying.


  7. Hi Serv,
    RA’s characters’ relief–and smiles–are lovely! I sympathize with your grading woes. I once had 210 students one quarter term–with 90 five page papers and 60 ten page pages all due to me around about the same time. I forget what I had the other 60 students doing at the time. I didn’t do that grading marathon to myself scheduling wise again. Ha!
    Cheers! Grati ;->


    • I think what I messed up was the amount of attention I’d have to give. It’s no big deal to grade 200-300 pp of writing if there aren’t many problems, but if they’re solidly filled with problems …


  8. “stoßen” ist richtig. Als Muttersprachlerin bin ich beeindruckt, dass du diesen Ausdruck kennst. Wenn es um RA geht, würde ich ihn auch ohne zu zögern benutzen… Quatsch: RA würde bei mir nicht mal eine halbe Sekunde auf der Bettkante sitzen – er würde sofort von mir in die Laken gezogen werden *ggg*.
    Congrats to finishing the semester. I know how you feel even though I am currently on the other side of things. Hope to read more of your always interesting posts!


    • Thanks much for the comment and compliment! Welcome to the blog. Yeah, the German term has just started. Hang in there!


  9. […] out if it’d be “ss” or “ß” in the word “stoßen,” and she helped me out very graciously. I added her to the blogroll, but it still took me a while to catch up with her. She kept […]


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