Legenda 27: Stuff worth reading

[Legenda offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn’t usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but which are linked in the sidebar. Because I always forget or just miss stuff, please add additional pieces of interest via link in the comments.]

I’ve been AWOL while present the last few days. Apologies. I’ve been writing for the blog every day, but my sleep schedule is obviously still adjusting, errands and chores take up time, and there have been various interruptions, mostly heavy conversations both electronically and face-to-face. I really plan to be back again tonight with an original content post, assuming I can block off some time. And tomorrow I’m setting an alarm clock. Luckily there’s lots of other good stuff to read at the moment.

Oh, and under pressure, I borrowed Hunger from the library. We’ll see.

~ by Servetus on May 21, 2012.

12 Responses to “Legenda 27: Stuff worth reading”

  1. Hi Serv, thanks so much for listing my story. It took ages but I did enjoy writing it…I had to visit some very dodgy websites all in the name of research 🙂 That reads wrong…it wasn’t the research I enjoyed…it was…ah well…I won’t spoil the answer to the question 🙂 Thanks again x


    • don’t reveal your sources; it’s probably best 🙂


    • @kathrynruthd – I REALLY enjoyed your story. Thanks for mentioning it earlier!! As a non-watcher of most of RA’s work aside from North and South (actually, I did see The Impressionists & Vicar of Dibley), I always judge fan-fiction based on how well it reads to someone not familiar with the tv show. Your story sucked me right in – just based on the photo Servetus had included earlier (and basic knowledge of characters). Bravo!!


  2. What great list again, Servetus. Thank you! (Also for mentioning me with ‘angry’ RA ;o) I like him smiling as well, but I think he does not get all too much of a chance below the prosthetics currently.
    The Hobbit is not all about RA and Thorin Oakenshield? Really? Was wondering for a while, till I remembered that the film has another name ;o)


  3. Gak!!! No, not Hunger!!!!!! Steve McQueen movies are a bit on the painful, edgy side! Argh. I thought you said you were going to watch ‘A Dangerous Method’? Well, at least Shame had some lovely Glenn Gould interludes. You know how I am about my Glenn Gould…. *sigh*


  4. Hi Servet,
    Thanks for the link to my blog, but too for all these interesting pots!


  5. Hi Servetus,

    Thanks a lot for the link to my blog. 🙂


  6. Since you ask about new videos sometimes, I’m posting a funny one I found called Crazy Vicar Chick. I’ve never seen a funny RA fan video, so this was different: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_detailpage&v=ABjirxoEK60#t=3s


  7. Thank you for all these links. I’m having an obscene amount of fun with my collaborative graphics! I appreciate you mentioning my blog. 😀


  8. […] offers a brief, non-inclusive index of stuff I noticed and enjoyed since the last episode. It doesn't usually include materials presented on the major fansites, which I love dearly, but […]


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