Richard Armitage: Not just North & South anymore, but also East & West!


Don’t forget about the North & South global rewatch, scheduled for June 1 and 2! Times are here. Directions for connection are here.

WHO’D WANNA MISS THIS FACE? Even the non-romantic Servetus’ legs turn to jelly when she sees that look.


Mr. Thornton (Richard Armitage) looks ridiculously happy to see Margaret at a train station on his way back to Milton, near the conclusion of episode 4 of North & South. Or: a gratuitously gorgeous Richard Armitage screencap. Source:

~ by Servetus on June 1, 2012.

6 Responses to “Richard Armitage: Not just North & South anymore, but also East & West!”

  1. Servetus, I certainly can’t resist this face and will definitely make time for viewing! I’ve seen the series so many times, but am actaully quivering at the thought of indulging in scene after scene with the delectable, delicious smouldering John Thornton!

    In our household, my passion for the actor is no longer secret and he goes by the name of “Mr Thornton” among my menfolk.


    • Good to know that Mr. Thornton is receiving the proper respect among the male members of your family — and great to hear from you, MillyMe.


  2. Can’t resist either ;o) Though I will join at a more reachable time for me tomorrow. Hope I am not alone then and get all the different things running in time ;o)


  3. It is hard for me to watch at those times. But I have been listening to it all week in the car. I can listen to it through the radio and because I have watched/listened to it so often I know what is happening when they don’t speak and you just listen to the gorgeous music.

    I make sure that the phone is in the other footwell and upside down so that I can’t see it but to have the most amazing radio play every day is just wonderful at the moment.


    • I understand the time issues, believe me. (I’ve also been watching N&S a lot recently while writing these posts about episode 4). It is spectacular, though.


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