Dirty nosed Armitage

Flipping through The Golden Hour screencaps last night, I found this one:

Richard Armitage as Alec Track in episode 2 of The Golden Hour. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com

I love how the blackening of the skin on his ala gives us a sense of the extensive proportion of that nostril. Mmmmm. Parted lips not bad, either.

~ by Servetus on June 19, 2012.

22 Responses to “Dirty nosed Armitage”

  1. “Mmmmm” — yes, indeed.


  2. He’s sexy even with a dirty nose. How does he do it???


  3. I’ve just read the post on nose logistics (I mentioned that I’m just couple of months in Armitagemania, so I read old posts) – laughed my guts out imagining dignified professor wandering through university premises with broken pencil taped onto nose and considering evolutionary advantages of small hooter. Dirty nose, although quite disadvantageous for survival, makes passion flare and palpitation more picturesque and thrilling.


    • There are also evolutionary advantages to the larger nose. More smell receptors lead back to the olfactory bulb, and when the synapses fire more rapidly, the message gets repeated more often, thus is better apprehended in a “noisy” environment. Thus the individual can smell things like fire and decay sooner, and react (flee) more quickly. While humans do not have oestrus, we do exude pheromones, so that a more sensitive nose can detect (usually unconsciously) the subtle scent changes that signal arousal and even ovulation. This leads to more frequent mating => reproductive success.

      Further, a larger nose usually means larger-scale openings for the sinuses to drain, reducing susceptibility to dangerous infection.

      As long as there is no serious damage, the advantages and disadvantages of a larger nose are about even IMO.


      • Wow…I learn so much by visiting these blogs! I just knew there was another purpose for being here 😉 as lovely as Richard’s snoz is!


      • It surely sounds like highly peruassive physiological argumentation pro large nose. When we consider equally sound argumentation of Armitageworld concerning aesthetics and charisma, we can expect that nose enhancement become new surgical hype among the male population.


      • @Leigh, this explains a lot. I have a small nose. No reproductive success for me.. 🙂


      • This is interesting. I don’t mate more frequently than the average person but I want to. (I have a large nose)


    • On the dignity scale, I’m probably in the fourth quintile among professors. There are some who are more ridiculous than I but not many. Or rather, it’s that I don’t worry much about it 🙂


  4. Oh, Servetus…I really need you to look at the last 4 photos on RichardArmitageConfessions, please


    Today, please, if you have time. I’d love to hear your take on his hands! And his crinkles! I really like the way your analytical brain explains things for me.

    Oh, and I love his hands and thumbs, too, BTW 😉


  5. Everything in Richard is sexy… even his nose. 😉

    And orange suits him well. 🙂


  6. Nice dirty nose, indeed. I also like Mr.Thornton’s dirty hands and all dirty parts of Guy of Gizborne(3). 🙂


  7. Several RA characters could appear in the TV show Dirty Jobs. I just saw a clip with Mike Rowe shearing sheep.


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