Interlude, while we’re all waiting for the next ComicCon news

Spooks 8.5. Ruth has just told Lucas, in front of Harry, that based on cell phone tracking, Sarah Caulfield was in the near vicinity when Samuel Walker was murdered. Ros tells Lucas there could be any number of reasons to explain this fact. She’ll have to be asked. A beautiful intimate scene ensues, in which Lucas establishes that Sarah’s lying about her knowledge of Walker’s killer. Yeah, I love the initiation of sex (how could I not?). But something I always find myself thinking about is the sadness in Lucas’s eyes.

Sarah Caulfield (Genevieve O’Reilly) and Lucas North (Richard Armitage) discuss recent events in the final scene of Spooks 8.5. Source:

If you watch this scene, you’ll notice throughout that in addition to being half closed when his face is turned away from Sarah’s, Lucas’s eyes are almost brimming.

My question: is this because he’s fighting back tears? Or because, after everything, he can’t quite bring himself to cry any more?

Masterful, Mr. Armitage. You understand the human condition like no other.

~ by Servetus on July 13, 2012.

9 Responses to “Interlude, while we’re all waiting for the next ComicCon news”

  1. He was amazing in that scene! *sigh*


  2. He acts the double meaning of every word he says out so very effectively in this scene, without revealing anything to Sarah Caulfield, while still making it clear to us watchers, what Lucas North in this sequence must really feel. A double play in so many layers. Brilliant acting by RA.
    I am not sure about the tears, Servetus. I don’t think he tries to cry or collect tears, but rather shows the hurt and the narrowing of the eye in suppressed emotion, which prevents the normal draining ( flow?) of the eye liquid. I would normally say that is a sub-conscious action, but he clearly uses it very consciously in that scene, as it must be somehow coordinated with the lighting of the scene. Sarah Caulfields eyes in comparison appear beak – according to her role as a liar, because they are completely in the dark.


  3. This scene is one of the standouts for me from Spooks. RA’s eyes convey so much of what Lucas is feeling and its just gut wrenching to watch.


  4. He is a superb screen actor. The features and subtle facial mobility (so little says so much) are right. No doubt he would be very good on stage – if a bit rusty just now! 🙂


  5. Hi Serv,
    This scene where Richard Armitage had to portray a man feeling betrayed by his lover–but still having to seduce his lover to maintain the facade of lies–is chilling. I see such sadness in Lucas’ eyes–and yes, tears of despair that do not flow. RA was masterful in conveying the complexity of emotions Lucas was feeling in subtly nuanced ways.
    Cheers! Grati ;->


    • one of the intriguing things here is the level of conflict Lucas must be feeling. I always wonder how men are able to make love in situations like that. I couldn’t.


  6. For me Richard is wonderful in all his Spooks episodes, but there are a handful of scenes across the three series in which he is just superb. This is one of them. Lucas speaking so impassively to Sarah on the one hand, while the viewer is privy to his feelings at her betrayal on the other, results in a beautifully layered scene. It has me wondering every time if Lucas truly wants to make love to her after it’s confirmed she is lying to him, because of his feelings for her, or if he is simply compelled to see it through because that’s what his job requires of him, as Grati mentions above.


  7. This picture captures what I love most about Lucas. He looks so damaged and vulnerable. His whole history is sketched in his face. I think he’s on the verge of tears, but just can’t muster up the strengh, or he may just be all cried out 😦 Wonderful choice of picture!


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