Armitage fun this afternoon at TORn

I have a frightening list of things to do today, and probably won’t blog, at least not until the evening at the very earliest. Mom and I are going for her first longer walk outside the house — to the closest mall, since the temperature outside would probably forbid more than ten steps — and she is really excited. Me too. However, I wanted to remind everyone — how could we forget?? — that TORn is covering Comic-Con, with the panel for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, in which Richard Armitage is scheduled to participate, taking pride of place in its live coverage of the event this afternoon at 2:30 US Pacific Time.

I’m leaving comments open in case I don’t get to see it, so people can tell me what they thought. My main question:

BEARD OR NO BEARD ????!!!!!?????

And my second question, as always: Does he look happy? Yesterday afternoon, I saw a picture of Ian McKellen at Joshua Tree, and wondered whether there had perhaps been a joint outing.

[TORn is 100 percent volunteer and fan supported, so if you have enjoyed their coverage of the event you might leave them a donation. Buttons available on their page.]


Here are the details of the initiative.

Here’s the related facebook group.

~ by Servetus on July 14, 2012.

20 Responses to “Armitage fun this afternoon at TORn”

  1. Good luck to both you and your mom @ the mall outing. 🙂
    Thinking of both of you and sending lots of healing vibes your way.

    Sorry to hear about the heat in the US. It’s a very tepid 60 degrees and rainy here in London. 😀


  2. I hope you have a good outing with your Mom. Sometimes even a little road trip can cheer the soul.


  3. I live 45 minutes from Joshua Tree and I thought the same thing about Richard Being there with Ian McKellen. So close!


  4. Servetus, the beard is still there!!!!


    Hope it will work!


  6. More pics of him here at the live feed:


  7. Richard says hello!!!


  8. Servetus, he looks really happy and relaxed and mouth-wateringly gorgeous!


  9. Proof!


  10. This is beautiful:


  11. Full beard and I just realized he reminds me of my brother who also has a full beard. Hope your mom is feeling better…good to know she’s out and about!


  12. Like



  14. Thanks to everyone who left pics and links in this thread!


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