Richard Armitage – Hitfix interview. I hadn’t seen it.


On the three films question.

~ by Servetus on July 17, 2012.

15 Responses to “Richard Armitage – Hitfix interview. I hadn’t seen it.”

  1. Well done, RA! That was a trick question IMHO and I think he handled it very well, considering (a) where the two movies would be divided has been a hotly-debated question among Hobbit enthusiasts, (b) now there’s even talk of dividing it into three movies since they’ve got so much footage shot and so much story to tell, and (c) it’s not up to the actors to make that decision anyway and that question should have been directed to director PJ or screenwriter/producer Phillipa Boyens.


    • yes. it’s an important skill, to learn when to say “I don’t know” and smile, self-deprecatingly, and he’s always had that part of interviewing down. It’s not up to him and I agree this was smart.


  2. Richard Armitage at 0:53
    7News : Fan frenzy at ‘The Hobbit’ sneak peek


    • Darn, I didn’t watch the news last night! I would have loved to see Richard on my television screen again. We did have a repeat of “Strikeback” a few months back. Thank you, Servetus and Ana Cris, for alerting us to these extra snippets 🙂


    • Thankyou Ana Cris, I’m an Aussie and I missed this! We usually watch 7News but not last night, of all nights! To see Richard unexpectedly appear on my tv would have been a real treat. Don’t know what my husband would’ve thought of my likely reaction though!! 🙂


    • thanks, Ana Cris. I think I’m going to clip the section with him and save it for a useful moment.

      Btw, love the caption “tacks on road cause chaos”




  4. This was great, thank you so much, Ana Cris!


  5. Ana Cris, a really good clip. The questions were answered with skill – and humour. 😀


  6. […] of whether Black Sky is what Armitage got for agreeing to do a third Hobbit film, so that he knew about it despite his denial when asked his opinion in San […]


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