What I think: four short pieces

[I really don’t want to talk about this. But I really want to keep blogging, and this blog has served as a place to deposit impressions that I can’t deal with, and this post is no different. I’ve finally just decided to drop my main thoughts about the situation. Think what you please. Comments are closed.]


During term, my dreams often involve email, as I spend so much time answering it. Those dreams usually disappear over the summer. Sunday night, after weeks without one, I had an email dream.

In the dream, my gmail, which has connected me with Armitage friends and blog readers for so long now, suddenly turned into the sorcerer’s apprentice. Dozens of messages appeared — so fast that every time I clicked on one of them, two more appeared. They got colorful and large and included several pictures of a grinning Richard Armitage mounted on an ostrich. Several were written in odd pink and green neon fonts. A vomiting smiley face emoticon expanded and receded.

I didn’t recognize the senders. All the messages said the same, horrifying, thing. I didn’t believe what they said.

The clock radio went off.


Cui bono?


Every day I struggle to find a way to see something beautiful, to imprint an image on my brain that I can recall at a decisive moment when I want to sob or scream or run or slam my fist into a wall.

Richard Armitage — the man, the actor, the roles, the work — is that something beautiful. ComRAdes remind us all of that beauty, every day. By writing, posting pictures, leaving comments, making vids, each in her own different way. The more comRAdes, the more creativity. The more creativity, the more room for love.


We will always be strongest when we support each other. We will always be strongest when we stick together.

~ by Servetus on July 21, 2012.

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