Richard Armitage’s beard in Stella McCartney

Well, not quite. A few months ago I saw the proposal for the Team GB Olympic uniforms, designed by Ms. McCartney, and saw the bicycler’s uniform. Now that is a costume Mr. Armitage would look great it — biker gear really emphasizes the developed thighs and rear of the person wearing it, and there’s no penalty in the cut for an oddly placed waist or broad shoulders. Mmmmm. Fits just right, every time.

So, in honor of the Olympics starting today, I decided to put full-bearded Armitage on the Team GB cycling team.

Well, not quite. Those are Chris Hoy‘s frighteningly large thighs.

Also, professional bikers are very superstitious about cutting wind resistance and I imagine if Mr. Armitage were on Team GB, they’d make him shave his beard and his legs and maybe even his forearms.

Good luck to all the Olympic athletes and teams. To our London friends, we hope you’re surviving the crush!

And to friends of the beard, here’s a new Twitter account to follow: @RichardsBeard.

~ by Servetus on July 27, 2012.

21 Responses to “Richard Armitage’s beard in Stella McCartney”

  1. The Countdown has started ready for the 9pm start. It is all very exciting and I have to say I am very proud, I just hope the weather holds off!


  2. To fair and sportive games. I hope with you, Rosiepig, that the weather holds. Should send some of the bright weather we have here right now, as it would be ideal. I hope it works ;o)
    P.S.: Servetus, perhaps it is just on my computer, but I don’t have the login icons e.g. for the WordPress identity for the comment box any longer, though they are still there somehow, as they work, when I hover over the area with my mouse.


    • Just wanted to give feedback regarding the buttons, as I tried again and now, after logging out and trying again, the buttons are back. Seems to have been a temporary problem.


  3. Buttons problems?… sounds familiar dear Friends …hmmm


  4. Racing spandex definitely accentuates the male physique. Sighhhhh! I’m sure a ceRtAin gentleman would look quite handsome in it. And have I mentioned that my hubby is also a bicycler? Ha!


  5. I’ll say it as it is! If Richard wore that, no man would dare to stand next to him. His beautiful Thunder Thighs would cast a shadow on everything around! Poeple would bounce off that bum!
    BTW, Great Britain, you did a wonderful job yesterday! My Dad said it was the best opening he’d ever seen, and believe me, that’s the highest compliment you can get 🙂 I was really proud to be a fan of all things British yesterday, and I know many share that feeling.


  6. Nice imagination – I am sitting in front of my comp with a big grin right now 🙂
    But I don’t want him to shave his forearms because I love that fluffy hair of his *sigh*


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