Wondering about Armitage

Another fan has apparently managed to meet him (h/t portosentido). I don’t know the story. But click on the link anyway. See the photo. Look at his lips.

This is the kind of photo that sends my imagination into overdrive. No idea where he is — an outdoor venue of some kind? But why the suit? Especially: why the suit in Detroit? Way too many clothes for anything too casual.

This is also exactly the color combination I’d choose to suit him in from afar, though he looks a bit washed out here. Grey suit, blue oxford shirt. No tie. Untucked shirt. Trouser break looks like it might be okay — hard to see, but the posture of his legs make him look somehow neater, more turned out, than the disarray of the outfit itself. Pictured after dancing and a few drinks? A night at a club? Is this out fit a bit formal for clubbing in the Detroit region? Is Richard Armitage enjoying himself? And if so, how? That’s the prospect that spurs the brain and the imagination.

Whatever you were doing, Mr. Armitage, I hope you had a wonderful evening! And thanks — as always — for being so generous to fans who approach you.

[ETA: info on FB suggests this was taken after / outside of shooting. OK, so he looks fantastic disheveled. And the gratitude for his friendliness stands.]

~ by Servetus on August 18, 2012.

30 Responses to “Wondering about Armitage”

  1. He looks fine for a night of clubbing or heading to dinner. Remember, they dress up more in the UK than here. She might have met him at a club, restaurant, on the street, who knows. BTW, his hair looks wet and just washed.


  2. OK, just found more info on FB — looks like this is actually a photo from *shooting*.


  3. I hope more of a back story for this pic emerges. Before I read the bit about it being part of the shoot I had wondered if he does what mr bollyknickers does which is to wear a jacket just to put his wallet, keys and phone in, rather than because he needs a jacket on. Also wondered if RA just brought a light suit with him to cover any function that might require it. We know he doesn’t like clothes buying much and we know he’s a long way from home and, presumably, wider wardrobe options so that doesn’t strike me as a bad choice for a night out.

    We are really being spoilt with pictures this week- thanks for alerting us, servetus


    • wouldn’t slacks do that, too? But I know what you mean. The weather in Detroit has been so hot the last month that I’m surprised anyone would wear any clothes they didn’t have to have on.

      He can wear a blue oxford shirt any time. We are really lucky at the moment. To some extent, I feel like: it’s only our (in the US) turn!


  4. I think those are probably the cloths he wears at the graduation ceremony at the school when the tornado hits. I saw a pic of that somewhere. And I guess for that occasion it is appropriate. But if this would be a pic of him out and about and he’s that dishevelled, would he enjoying himself more than has ever been accounted for. 😉


  5. Richard’s costume is the suit. He is wet because the film is all about rain, hail, and tornadoes thus far. He was very kind and very funny on set.


  6. BTW…beautiful girl and….modest!. 😉


  7. I just wanted to say Thank You to all the lucky people who have met RA recently, and were kind enough to share with us! Things being as they are in our community at times, it would be easier not to share, as you can accidently bring unwanted attention to yourself. I’m so happy you trusted us with your story and pics.
    I hope you realise how much joy you are bringing the rest of us with your RA news 🙂


  8. The moment I saw the pic, I thought he is in costume. They were probably shooting somewhere Detroit and some lucky fan got to meet him. I think he posed for pics with fans while shooting spooks. And frankly, does he not look like he might have been in a tornado. ha. But the lips, the things he does with his lips , tongue and mouth. My imagination went into overdrive tooooooo. I can’t wait to know more about his encounter.


    • I just hope he isn’t in one. It’s still tornado season, though Michigan isn’t the center of that weather phenomenon — it still happens there.


  9. Just before she tweeted the picture, she tweeted about spending some time at the OU set.


  10. @Servetus I did. 🙂


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