King Richard Armitage Week 2012 Day 5 quiz tips

The King Richard Armitage Week 2012 blog event continues today with CDoart writing on Mike Ingram’s book, Bosworth 1485.



Hey, the petition‘s gotten 900 signatures! Have you signed?


Only two more days left to the King Richard Armitage Week 2012 quiz event! Day 5’s clues have appeared here. These are a little harder than yesterday, but I still think not so bad. 13 and 15 should be googleable if you don’t know the answers. Essentially there are three people who pop into mind as possible answers for 13, so you may want to follow the strategy I suggest below (“backsolving”). Or you might want to look at the people who have been tweeting at me this afternoon for some more discussion of this topic. For 15, which is a bit more obscure, you may need a slightly advanced google, but I’ll mention that the major place where professional historians tend to articulate their scholarly convictions is in: books. The Armitage question this time is a bit twisted (grin), but again — look in the most likely place where information is collected about Armitage’s interest in the Richard III project.

(There’ll be four questions tomorrow, by the way. One about art related to Richard III, and three about Mr. Armitage and his interest in the Richard III project. So that should make it a much easier day for Armitage fans.)

And now, to increase your chances of winning by making sure you have all the correct answers possible entered — if you get every single one right including the solution sentence, you get 20 entries in the drawing — if you haven’t done this already, go here, to the final solution form. Don’t insert your entries yet. Just look at the form. Do you see now how the letters you’ve been entering fit into the solution sentence? Here’s a screen shot:

The solution sentence answers the question:

What does Richard Armitage seek to do in his Richard III project?

If you know some of the letters, you can write them down, and possibly “back solve” — deduce what the individual letters from the daily clues must be based on the words they are likely to form in the solution sentence. If you can figure that out, you can go back to the individual days of the quiz and either correct incorrect answers or enter answers in the first place — as you are not required to know the answer to get the letter right.

Yes — if you discover you made a mistake in a previous answer — you can go back to that day’s form and fix it!

And yes, if you can figure out the letter, but not the answer, you can still solve the puzzle. When the winner has been determined, we will naturally post the solutions to all the questions.

Think of how much richer your knowledge of Richard III has become this week. And a collateral benefit: one of Richard Armitage’s JustGiving charities will be £91 (GBP) richer. I can’t wait to learn which one the winner chooses.

~ by Servetus on August 26, 2012.

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