Lee Pace Hobbit reveal [spoiler]

TORn has published a picture of Thranduil, the elven king and character played by Lee Pace. You can enlarge multiple times by clicking on the pic over there.

You all know of my ambivalence about all of this stuff, but my, is Pace is gorgeous. Those pics seem likely to generate a whole new group of fans for him. Definitely gives Orlando Bloom, whose face I find too girlish for my taste, a run for his money.

~ by Servetus on August 30, 2012.

18 Responses to “Lee Pace Hobbit reveal [spoiler]”

  1. Already a big Lee Pace fan. Knew he would make a gorgeous Thranduil. 😀 His being in the trilogy along with RA just icing on the cake.


  2. Nice! 🙂


  3. So,this is an old elf? 😉


  4. […] Originally posted here: Lee Pace Hobbit reveal [spoiler] « M&#1077 + Richard Armitage […]


  5. Yeah. I was slightly disappointed Pace wasn’t going to appear as a female elf (after Angie’s excellent review of Soldier’s Girl)… but well, I guess I can’t get EVERYTHING I wish for. 😉


    • LOL I thought about Soldier’s Girl when I was looking at these images. I will really be interested to see what he does with this role. I am happy to say I converted one of my readers into a true Lee fan after that post–she has seen more of his stuff now than I have! 😉


  6. Have you seen him in Miss Pettigrew lives for a Day? Even though its trashy and overdone (in the best possible way)…. Its just so fun, energetic and uplifting.


    • I don’t think I’ve seen him anything, frankly. I am kind of … hmmm. A curmudgeon. 🙂


      • Servetus –

        Pace has about 90 seconds with Colin Firth in ‘A Single Man’. A Beautiful movie. I love the nervous energy Pace radiates in his opening moments with Firth at the coffee machine. 😉


        • OK, that I saw, and that I *do* remember. yeah. excellent.


          • Fantastic! Always love to be a memory jogger! 😉

            The scenes are so visually hypnotic – it’s all too easy to miss the brilliant writing gems included like ‘well, if word gets out you have a better bomb shelter, everyone will try to get in when something happens…”

            This movie kills me, it’s so lovely. Plus Pasadena looks really beautiful on film. 🙂


  7. Lee Pace will forever be the adorable Ned with puppy eyes in Pushing Daisies. I must admit that he’s kicking some ass as Thranduil in this picture. Definitily not looking girlish, even with his pretty hair and crown 😉


  8. i just want to know what is this gossip that has been circulating between Lee and Richard? I mean can’t good friends/ castmates go out on a movie now? Can someone enlighten me what’s the rumor about?


  9. […] I saw the Thranduil reveal at the end of August 2012, but I didn’t think about Lee Pace again until I saw The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, and while I thought he was strikingly, indeed ethereally beautiful, and did a great job showing us the injured mien of Thranduil, I wondered what all the fuss was over what was essentially a bit part. Yeah, I couldn’t or didn’t make myself reread the book before the film, which was just as well, so I still didn’t know who Thranduil was, and I hadn’t look up any of Pace’s work, either. […]


  10. […] When I think back to the Thranduil reveal, I find it safe to say that this time, I would definitely not have guessed it was Lee Pace under […]


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