Could Richard Armitage be on a New Zealand stamp?

WETA announces (here on FB) that New Zealand Post will issue commemorative stamps with some pictures of characters from Middle Earth this year. Somehow I assume that there’ll be more LOTR figures than Hobbit ones, and that Armitage won’t figure. But OMG, that would really be wild.

I kind of think Mr. Armitage would find this seriously cringeworthy. That’s my guess, anyway.

~ by Servetus on September 11, 2012.

12 Responses to “Could Richard Armitage be on a New Zealand stamp?”

  1. What I think he would find even more cringe-worthy would be if they decide to plaster his picture on the side of a commercial airplane, the way they did when LOTR came out. Aragorn looked pretty swell on a jumbo jet–the thought of an enormous flying Thorin is too much to handle!


  2. Well, he did have to put up with all the giant Strike Back billboards all over London.. Multiply that by a 100… He’ll just have to think, “it’s not me it’s my character”. Thorin’s look is so different from the RL Richard that he may not find it all that hard to do.


    • good point. And in this case presumably his costars won’t be telling him that they see him staring in their window at night.


  3. I quite like the Bilbo stamp and can’t help but hope that there’ll be a Thorin stamp too.. After all he IS one of the main characters of The Hobbit..


    • We’ll be looking for someone willing to sell us NZ stamps by mail.


      • Or we can go over to NZ to buy those stamps ourselves, provided we catch a flight on the Thorin Express! 😃


        • When TH was filming, Air New Zealand started running banner ads across my e-mail. I wonder if they’ll run a “Thorin express”?


          • that would be cool — since my gmail has given me various other options of suggestions, it would be nice if they offered me something I wanted!


        • well, TORn was pointing out a 72 hour fare sale to NZ yesterday, but that may be a threshold for me. I am sure, as Leigh points out, that someone will be happy to send them to us by mail. Probably the next Armitage thing to get will be a first day cover of a Thorin stamp with Armitage’s signature, lol.


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