And then there was Mr. Armitage

Richard Armitage as Guy of Gisborne in RH 2.6. Source:

Why are the days so short? That last post took it out of me and so there’s no time for Armitage today. But he remains very important.

Yeah, so there will be more coming about him after Yom Kippur is behind me.

[ETA: and that’s when I’ll be responding to comments, too. Sorry for the delay.]

Wish FedoraLady a Happy Birthday in the meantime!

~ by Servetus on September 25, 2012.

12 Responses to “And then there was Mr. Armitage”

  1. His skin looks so milky white and beautiful here.. Suppose the lighting helps a lot, but still..makes you long to touch…*sigh*


  2. I gotta make some more time for Armitage. Oh, those shoulders, arms, back……


  3. Sighhhhh! To think that “Sir Guy’s” broad shoulders are now holding up Middle Earth! Now that’s an unexpected journey.


  4. *sigh* That man by candlelight… Thanks for posting this.


  5. God bless this man…


  6. Doesn’t he look extremely vulnerable here and somehow delicate?


    • yes. The power dynamic that the viewer takes on through her gaze here is tremendous, almost to the point of being disturbing.


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