Armitage thumbs of distraction

I’m sorry — you’re probably starting to get a bit annoyed by this recurring theme, but I had yet another day of writing on several different things with no coherence, and a fair amount of background distraction, so I’m posting these caps from a time when Richard Armitage, then playing Lucas North, could still nibble his own cuticles to his heart’s content, and didn’t have to contract the task out. I was pushed back in the direction of this theme this week, when a friend alerted me to an exciting news story that indicates that in future, with the publication of the new DSM, nailbiting will be considered a form of OCD. Even though — and I found this interesting — most nailbiters really enjoy their nailbiting.

Hey, Mr. Armitage, I hope you enjoy whatever you’re doing with your fingers and cuticles, too. And if not, when you’re back in the U.S. you can get your shrink to treat you for it and have your U.S. health insurance cover it! Isn’t that great?

In my defense I will note that these are some gorgeous and extremely consoling thumbshots. Will be back soon with something substantive, I hope. Meanwhile, enjoy the thumbs — from Spooks 8.7. My caps.

~ by Servetus on October 7, 2012.

6 Responses to “Armitage thumbs of distraction”

  1. Dear me, I have a form of OCD? Not that it surprises me. I think I’d known it all along that it wasn’t normal to do this to my cuticles! Well well. Sorry you had so many distractions Serv. I enjoyed the thumbshots greatly, as you say, very consoling!


    • I think you only have OCD if it bothers you … there seems to be a tendency in the U.S. to pathologize almost any behavior at the moment.

      And yes, those thumbs are so comforting.


  2. Glad you linked to your first article too. As a nail biter myself I was very interested in the article you linked to. I would love to stop biting my nails and have done in the past, but somehow I start up again. I do see it as a form of OCD as sometimes it can be done to the point of painfulness.
    Anyway, two thumbs up for your thumb posts!


    • I’m a nailbiter, but never so severe that it hurts. I am one of those people who enjoys it. I don’t do it in front of other people, though.


  3. It’s eight in the morning, I’m on a work deadline, yet I searched something on the blog and came up with this post about thumb appreciation/cuticle munching acceptance. It is not out of date it is still very relevant, and as always I want to know, is this normal lol to be obsessed with someone’s thumbs? I’m talking about myself because I admire them as much as anyone. Do you have a post, “places I would kiss Richard Armitage – – chewed cuticles edition”? OK thank you for this distRAction must get to work!


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