Get your Thorin Oakenshield stuffed toy — a cuddly toy Armitage! I predict this will be popular among the beard contingent. And not even all that expensive.

April's violet

Décidément, ce film va causer ma ruine… lol!

Le site The Geekest Link vient de sortir plusieurs peluches concernant le film. Very Happy

Bilbo Baggins


Le roi des Goblin


Thorin Oakenshield

Je les trouve trop mimi ces peluches, en particulier celle de Gandalf. Very Happy

Mais c’est sur celle de Thorin que j’ai craqué… HappyMdr

Les peluches sont disponible en taille 18 cm et 25 cm ici :

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~ by Servetus on October 8, 2012.

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  1. Thanks Servetus for reblogging my post. 🙂


  2. I have succumbed … LOL!


  3. Those are adorable! I shared the link at C19. Thanks, April and Servetus!


  4. I like the goblin king. And Gandalf really looks like the Sandmännchen.


  5. […] I’ve been a bit surprised at where that place might be for me, as I’ve pre-ordered an expensive plush toy, and I’ve started to wonder if price, rather than content, is actually my major […]


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