Wristy Richard

Posting these caps from Strike Back 1.3 without comment except to say that I don’t know why I’m so capping crazy and hand-wrist-thumb-preoccupied at the moment. The forearm hair folks will get their fill here, too. All the photos enlarge if you click them. This is from the end of the episode, after Porter, played by Richard Armitage, has initiated the jailbreak, and is breaking into the office to get the stuff that Layla left for them. I don’t even know what these are. Flashlights? Scopes?

I’ll be grading all day today. I think it might be okay.

John Porter (Richard Armitage)’s right hand in Strike Back 1.3. My caps.

~ by Servetus on October 15, 2012.

15 Responses to “Wristy Richard”

  1. flashlights..”click, click, good girl Layla” (I haven’t watched this much). Happy grading…sticking to the plan?


    • Yes, and it worked again. I’m a bit concerned that it will be a pain for my TA, but while I think there’ll be a sharp learning curve she should be okay.


      • That’s good! It will probably be good for her in the long run too – it’s always useful to have exposure to a variety of different methods. I think my semester grading has been helped by the fact that I’m at a desk 5 days a week…ordinarily, I’ve “worked” at home 2 days, but I always find other things to do at home. 🙂


        • yeah, the fact that my office is unworkable here has contributed to the problems I experience grading. It’s like a nuclear bomb shelter.


          • I had one like that at Arizona…we called it the Cave – there is definitely something invigorating about natural light


  2. Just caught up on Absolution & now some lovely Porter on your blog. Have a feeling tonight might be a Strike Back night (in reward for getting a run in tonight). As creepy as this sounds, I always like pics that show that MrA has some hair seeing as the chest is always so bare for most of his roles.


  3. I’m one of the “forearm hair folks”… Thanks for these,Serv! *sigh*


  4. Such a big, strong guy and such a delicate (fragile) wrists. Fascinating blend of physical characteristics, IMHO. Noble breed ? 😉


    • yeah, he really is fine boned in his extremities while solid around the hips. It’s an interesting body build.


  5. Thanks for the great caps. Can’t stop looking at them. I do believe that Strike Back will be on the family Holiday DVD list as the top one to get. I am sure the boys will like it and that I remember to breath. For years I have gotten a british show or two that we have not been able to get on telly.


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