Hobbit playing cards?

Via TORn on FB.

~ by Servetus on October 19, 2012.

15 Responses to “Hobbit playing cards?”

  1. I’ll be getting a set just for this card! This is a new image too, right?


  2. This is something I may just have to buy…


  3. I love playing cards so they might be something I will purchase. I am trying very hard not to buy stuff, but I have purchased a little Thorin and that will live in my car!


  4. Hmm, maybe I was right about the New Kids On The Block marketing team…


  5. And Thorin is to be the King of Hearts?


  6. I don’t know about the playing cards, but there’s a thousand piece jigsaw available which I’ll probably succumb to. The siren call of the Thorin action figure is becoming stronger every day too!


    • shoot. I wonder if I can smuggle it into the house and have my mom not notice the drool while we put it together.


  7. http://astore.amazon.co.uk/wwwrichardarm-21/detail/B007KJFL4O
    It’s probably available in the US store as well. 😀


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