Were they looking for cream cheese at the Lonely Mountain?

Thanks to obscura for sharing this link, which has a tv spot I haven’t listened to.

Click to enlarge the menu.

~ by Servetus on October 23, 2012.

8 Responses to “Were they looking for cream cheese at the Lonely Mountain?”

  1. Good grief. One bagel to rule them all, one bagel to bind them?


  2. Well, I have heard it said, “and on the eighth day, G-d created cream cheese.” So it is clearly quest worthy. Why red velvet cake balls? Regular chocolate not look enough like blood drops? *sigh*


  3. Hilarious! However, I’m sure I’ll go in to check it out! I might even order the Hobbit Hole Breakfast! What do they have for Thorin? Oakenshield Oatmeal!!!


  4. Reblogged this on Princesa de Ithilien and commented:
    Todo un menú para un segundo desayuno Hobbit. En compañía de enanos, por supuesto.


  5. The perfect menu for the Hobbit second breakfast. In company of dwarves, of course.


  6. I have to admit I think some of this stuff looks vile. The red velvet cake balls in particular, although I know everybody’s all about red velvet cake at the moment.


    • I agree…all I can ever think of is that scene from Steel Magnolias where they’re all digging into the armadillo shaped red velvet cake – disgusting. I don’t get the attraction, it’s just food coloring. Nothing special in the flavor department.


  7. […] my favorite place to eat, I caught the connection between hobbits and breakfast — but red velvet pancake hushpuppies with cream cheese? I wouldn’t eat that under ordinary circumstances, no matter what label they put on it. It […]


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