Great new Armitage interview w/beard!

Here. Via RAC on FB.

[ETA: this is just a fantastic interview. Fantastic. I love it when he talks about characterization. It’s one of the longest interviews he’s ever given.

Oh frabjous day!]

[ETA 2: here’s another.]

~ by Servetus on October 25, 2012.

25 Responses to “Great new Armitage interview w/beard!”

  1. I have just realize that even real Thorin would be taller than me. *laughing* Well not so much. X-)


  2. Now we know where he picked up that extra 1/2-inch 😉


  3. Good interview. Good interviewer. The interesting and thoughtful responses we’re accustomed to from the actor.

    Oh shoot: even Thorin is two inches taller than me. Is there no justice? Out-classed by a dwarf!!!


  4. Where’s the dang “LOVE THIS” button? Fantabulous interviews. Especially the first one. Wow. So much to process. I’ll be re-reading this again to get all the details. 🙂

    And, appropriately for Thirsty Thorin Thursday … “There’s a few good bars I can tell you about. Mighty Mighty is a good bar. Matterhorn’s a good bar. ” Our boy likes his drink … 😉

    Thanks, Serv!


    • I was simultaneously happy (good, he kicks back) and worried (will people flood those bars looking for him?)


      • It is so good to read that he enjoys lifting a pint or two. He’s alluded to that in other interviews, too. I’m imagining the lot of them, settling in after a hard day on the set, maybe bringing along a bit of leftover dwarven/hobbit/elvin raucousness. 🙂

        I guess that folks who follow him, that happen to live in or visit Wellington, might go to those bars, hoping to see him. It would be a shame if he (and the cast/crew) lost the local watering holes due to fan encroachment. But, the mention may provide a boost to the establishments in some way.


        • Apparently both establishments are quite the hip music venues-very much in keeping with RA’s past statements about enjoying live music. Might he actually have (gasp!) done some dancing, too?


          • Dancing??????? Be still my (wildly) beating heart!! 😀


            • wouldn’t you like to be a fly on that wall?


              • I sure would!! 😉

                I wonder if these same establishments are so used to having had lots of the cast and crew from the various movies made in Wellington frequenting them that they just accept them for who they are and not treat them like celebrities. Maybe they then feel free to “let their hair down” as it were. From my visits there, Kiwis are pretty laid back folk so I’d like to think they could feel comfortable there. Maybe this is where they got to practice some of their ideas for being partying hard “naughty, raucous” dwarves. 😀


                • Me too! I have images in my head of what Richard might look like when he dances, but I bet they’re nowhere near as yummy as the real thing *sigh*

                  I think you’re right about these bars. It’s nice to know that the cast and crew can have fun without feeling that they’re the object of attention.


          • what a picture in my mind!


        • one might hope the establishments might get more business — even if the Hobbit folks aren’t there all the time.


  5. Reblogged this on Well, There You Go … and commented:
    Two GREAT interviews … long, in-depth interviews! 🙂


  6. Great, this is the first glimpse of what there is to come in terms of press and publicity. Enjoyed reading the second article but am grateful for the unabridged, unedited first one. As usual, Armitage comes across as an intelligent, independent, hard-working master of his craft. Nice body aside – THAT is what makes him attractive and worth-while admiring for.
    Thanks for the links, Servetus!


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    It’s raining Thorin today!! Hurray, hurray!


  8. Oh, the euphoria!!! *does a happy dance*
    The unabridged interview is awesome. Richard is his usual thoughtful, intelligent self and has given us a great insight into Thorin and the whole Hobbity filming experience.


  9. The massive marketing campaign is about to flood us all.

    As always, his answers are thorough and well thought out, then again, when doesn’t he sound like that? 😉


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