Adrenaline hangover / bad memories

I have exactly one appointment today; the rest of it is reserved for research and writing. I feel really lousy. Sad, achy, hazy, a kind of jumpy lethargy. No worries, I’m not sick or even struggling emotionally. I’m just experiencing something that I had forgotten about and I find that I don’t like remembering it.

I used to call this feeling adrenaline hangover — the physical / emotional aftermath of being on very much on edge about high stakes events for days and days in a row. I used to be in that state for weeks at a time, in my last job, but now I’m out of practice. It was only two days this time.

It was unsurprising: election day, which is a big deal in my life, then my high stakes Wednesday, with stress enhanced because I wasn’t as centered as I like to be because of election day, and then all the unpredictabilities of the day. Actually adrenaline doesn’t help one deal with them — but it feels like a shield I wear.

I finished last night about 10 p.m. and went and had a beer with a colleague and then went home and fell into bed. And today I feel lousy.

I had just forgotten about this. And how much I hate it. It’s not like the grinding emotionality of the summer because that wasn’t coupled with adrenaline. It’s the adrenaline (and feeling it gone) that makes it so unpleasant.

Anyway, this was a good reminder of why I need to avoid that adrenaline overload situation. I’ve been doing pretty well this year. Just need to note today as a reason why I don’t want to be doing that anymore.

Here’s another pretty picture of Thorin and the boys in Times Square on Election Day sent by a blog reader. Bigger this time.

Remember the euphoria!

~ by Servetus on November 8, 2012.

28 Responses to “Adrenaline hangover / bad memories”

  1. What helps with the hangover? Time to indulge in it today?


    • I think regular people take a bath when they feel like this but exposure to water jacks up my adrenaline. If it doesn’t wane soon I will just get back into bed.


      • Hope you feel better! I can actually see blue sky today — I’m hoping it helps with my blah’s.


        • There’s a song to sing to yourself for when skies are grey: Jessica Lee Mayfield’s “Blue Skies.” I’ve had it on infinite repeat in my office several times this term.


  2. The biochemical fallout of prolongrd epinephrine secretion and processing is brutal. It’s no surpise you’re feeling it. Epinephrine is important in “fight or flight” situations, but then you need to encourage your parasympathetic nervous system to take you down from “red alert” and to get rid of the byproducts. Richarding-induced euphoria should be very helpful, especially accompanied by plenty of fluids and followed by a warm bath

    Hope you feel better soon!


    • sadly, I can’t put myself in water. I don’t know why I say sadly. I’m frighteningly water phobic. But just sitting still and staring at the wall used to work really well. It’s just been so long … for which I suppose I should rejoice.


  3. Is it only sight that helps, or also sound? Because if the sound of Richard singing will help, check out the new snippet of the Misty Mountains song in this preview of the movie music:


  4. sounds like adrenal fatigue syndrome. it is a real condition.


    • Yeah, I definitely had physical symptoms (I’m pretty good at differentiating mood that comes from body vs mood that comes from events — except when my period is involved, for some reason). But I was also really frustrated that I was in this situation again.


  5. I hope you feel better today!!!


  6. I hope that you feel better now. I wish you a nice week-end. 🙂


  7. I would say that you should eat a large portion of my Mom’s chocolate cake.
    Are you feel better today?


  8. […] the entire project of who I am capable of being for other people. These conflicts have generated visceral physical reactions that have made me realize that in the process of writing here I’ve changed myself enough not […]


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