What to do next.

John Porter (Richard Armitage) prepares himself mentally to murder Felix Masuku, in Strike Back 1.3. My cap.

What is it going to cost, to get through to the next day, Sgt. Porter? What are you going to have to kill? What will the price be? If you don’t kill it, how will you survive yourself?

Take the weakest thing in you and beat the bastards with it. And always hold on when you get love, so you can let go when you give it.

~ by Servetus on November 16, 2012.

14 Responses to “Thinking.”

  1. I was sitting with my first “cuppa” of the day, trawling through the emails that had come in overnight when I read “take the weakest thing”. Bang! Sucker punch! Two-and-a-half hours later it’s still going round my head. We so often come across “inspirational” musings and think, oh yes, that’s so true, or, mmm, I must remember that one. This, for once, is the real deal.

    Is it yours, servetus?


    • “take the weakest thing in you …” ? It’s a line from a song that I’m listening to obsessively lately. If you click on the second link (“hold on when you get love”) you’ll get taken to the song.

      There are two really weak things in my personality, and both are being challenged extremely this week. I need some encouragement to be defiant.


      • I have been an obedient good girl all my life, but lately the pull of defiance has been strong at home and at work. I may pay for some of it later, but I feel empowered just by not doing what I “should” be doing. Go girl.


  2. I’m not contemplating killing anyone at the moment (the day is young however) but I definitely take your point!


    • yeah, don’t kill anyone and I won’t either 🙂

      I’m thinking about a piece of myself — what is the price we pay for the decisions we make?


      • Sometimes the price is quite high indeed. But if you look back a decade from now, would you still make the same choice? So many times, I have had to narrow the field of acceptable choices down to the least offensive. Years later, I know that I chose correctly. Would it be different if there were multiple acceptable and desirable choices? I don’t know because I have not been in that position.


        • I really feel like there is only one “big” choice I made that I regret, and I don’t regret it very hugely. That is probably because (a) I stress over decisions for a long time and (b) because I self-justify in retrospect.


      • That said the priceof defiance higher than the satsfaction it brings? (For instance, I may be in trouble for calling the pres of my u a leprechaun …he is one,but that is irrelevant) Does it affect others? Being an adult really stinks sometimes doesn’t it?


        • Yeah, it does. I have so wanted not to do the responsible adult thing at times. I see other throw up their hands, refuse to cope, even skip blithely into excesses, and somehow, they land on their feet, probably because people like me step up and help.


          • There are days (today might just be one) where I’d like to lay on the ground and stomp my feet and yell “no- I don’t want to! You can’t make me!” I won’t, but I’ll really want to 🙂 Today my challenge is fulfilling an obligation that I’d really rather blow off.


        • I used to have this daydream about shitting in an envelope and sending it to the Dean. Wow, that was an enjoyable daydream. Never did it, though.


          • Tell me how you really felt about that dean 🙂 I cannot stand this guy- I’m really not concerned with any penalty because that would assume that he actually knows who I am-very doubtful I- am one of the ‘little people’ as his wife was overheard calling the faculty.


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