What are YOU doing to celebrate Richard Armitage Frenzy?
[How about a giftbomb?]


We’re kicking into high gear with the world’s introduction to Richard Armitage, and you thought it started when his plane took off from LA. Oh, no, it really started when he landed:

I have never in all my experience as a Richard Armitage fangirl (yes, I’m a girl dammit :D) seen fangirling taken to such extremes, and the euphoria is spreading into all areas.

Our own Janine Pineo being her usual interesting self and actually making me take an interest in gardening! has done a Q&A with Anna about her beloved New Zealand. I wanna go to New Zealand! And I’ll even swear to grow some plants.

‘The Hobbit’ Made Me Do It

How Garden Maine Went to New Zealand and Back Again

• By Janine Pineo •

Back in August, this thought popped into my head: Wouldn’t it be cool to feature plants from New Zealand in The Daily…

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~ by Servetus on November 26, 2012.

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  1. I have done something, I have to say I am very excited about this week. I know that I can’t be awake at 2.30am on Wednesday morning but am trying to work out how early I can be up without my DH noticing. He will be most suspicious if I am up before him as he usually brings me a cup of tea before he leaves at 6.45 and I am out for the count!

    Its funny, this part of my life is so private from my real life friends, they all know I have a crush on him but not to its true extent and the time it takes up. I have only admitted to one friend that I am going to see the Hobbit on my own as soon as it comes out but not the reason why. I wondered how public other posters have made their RA interest? I love that I can come on here or the boards and talk about him with like-minded people and not feel like a freak. I would love to go to the premiere here but the logistics are just too much with kids at school, If only it was the week later and I could take my daughter. She has now moved on from Harry Potter and has spent the weekend watching the LOTR so that she is ready to go and she is as excited about the Hobbit as I am, though not for the same reason!


    • As for me: I have about five close friends and colleagues IRL who know. None of them are fans, however, so they don’t take part in this. Otherwise, my family doesn’t know and neither do most of the people I spend time with or associate with. When the film comes up in conversation I say that I am excited about the film and especially because of an actor i like, but all but a handful of people have no idea of the extent of this for me.


      • My brother is the only person that knows I’m a RA fangirl and that’s only because he walked in on me reading this blog one day. Now he gets a kick out of teasing me about RA.
        And to celebrate the RA fenzy, I’m trying to visit as many blogs as I can to share in the fenzy with everybody else. I don’t usually have time to visit everybody, but I’m making time now. And a gift bomb doesn’t sound too bad either, especially if I’m going to receive a thank you note from RA — even if it’s computer generated. What a great idea for getting more folks to donate. Squeee!!
        P.S. I would’ve left a comment on the RA fenzy blog, but stil having issues with leaving comments.


        • Love that you’re visiting everyone, b/c that’s exactly what a blogger wants — a sign that someone is noticing what she is doing.

          Thanks in advance for donating. If you want the “special” msg from Armitage, donate to Barnardo’s 🙂


          • I shall donate £1 to Barnado’s as I did Childline before I realised I would get that lovely message! Nothing from Childline so far.


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