Armitage fan thoughts while staring at a thumb and grading

<– The thumb is just, om, great.

Weird that the counter is so low. –>

Actually, the day when the counter reaches zero is the day that I had initially thought I’d be able to stop blogging.

No worries. I don’t think I will, just yet. Just weird to think about the whole journey down this path and everything that’s happened in my life, too, the little over two years. In light of 3,700 hits in a single day.

That is, of course, due to Armitage and his amazing journey and well deserved success, and it must be much weirder for him to wake up in the middle of all of this. Wonder what he’s thinking right now.

Just saw a pic of some Australian fans who ran into Adam Brown and the actor who plays Bombur on the street and got their photo taken together. It seems like one of those moments when all the different spheres of human activity come close and touch each other, when the bubbles that normally separate us move closer together, become less opaque.

Some musings.


If you read Judi’s blog, you’ll know that she took up the idea of a gift bombing for Richard Armitage at his JustGiving pages and ran with it. She has suggested that we each give a donation (size unimportant, leave your name and the amount anonymous), leaving a message that includes some variation on “gift bomb” and “Hobbit.” I suggested the addition “rubbish,” as a pun on the signs the fans who met him this summer were making.

This is kind of like one of those “in lieu of flowers” requests. In place of flowers please giftbomb Mr. Armitage at his JustGiving Pages.

Won’t this be fun?? Come on, you know you want to. Donate whatever you like — their minimum suggested donations is £10 (currently about $16 US) but there’s a window to enter your own donation amount if you want to, and it can be less. We’re asking people to keep amounts anonymous — the point is the stream of messages and donations to be happy about — a way to congratulate this great guy who’s given us so much pleasure.

A few bombs have already landed! Thanks to everyone who picked up and ran with this idea!

Moreover:  Grati designed a very quick graphic, which she begs to inform you is based on a 3-D image. She will have a sharper one soon.

Grati suggests tweeting about this with the hashtag #richardarmitagecharitygiftbomb which is long but gets the idea across. I have also used #richardarmitagegiftbomb which is slightly less charitable sounding. You can tweet directly from his JustGiving pages if you’re inclined.

You can also do a spReAd the Love donation — and I will personally make sure a notification of those donations makes it onto the JustGiving pages as well with a small additional donation on your behalf to thank you over there. Just leave a message about your gift in the spReAd the Love comments. A donation as small as 16 oz of food counts there.

If you need another reason: DO IT FOR THE THUMB! Remember the thumb?

Please spread this request widely and talk about it on twitter? It’s not the amount that matters but the sentiment behind it.


[No TSIS group read, today, in case you were wondering. It resumes next week. Richard III is resting …]

~ by Servetus on November 26, 2012.

17 Responses to “Armitage fan thoughts while staring at a thumb and grading”

  1. This is a great idea – I’m totally in. I just had a surreal experience of my various worlds colliding as the intro to the Packers/Giants game was done as a promo to The Hobbit – interspersing player footage with film scenes. So if I brought food to the homeless shelter last week I should post that at spReAd the love?


  2. Giving to one of Richard Armitage’s chosen charities such a great idea and a wonderful way to honor him for his role as Thorin Oakenshield in “The Hobbit” films! Kudos to you/Servetus and Judiang for putting your heads together on it.

    And thanks for liking the little graphic I knocked off. The image is Hobbit Stills 53 from the RANet galleries–with a bit of manip on my part.

    I FB messaged you the revised Gift Bomb graphic I made. And here is that URL, too:

    P.S. The Gift Bomb Graphic I made will fit into a WordPress sidebar widget at 180×177 (using these dimensions resizes it downward to fit), for bloggers who would like to use this image and are drawing attention to the Just Giving pages and making a link to them.


  3. Just made my ‘bomb’ thanks for the reminder


  4. […] I opened my email this morning, and read the email receipt for my donation to Just Giving for the Gift Bomb-a-Thon we’ve got going on, I squeee’d.  Out loud.  In my office.  Thank G-d nobody […]


  5. […] or maybe even more so: Have you thought about gift-bombing Mr Armitage? Read about this great idea here on me + richard or head over to Richard’s JustGiving […]


  6. […] a giftbomb as a message of congratulations to Mr. Armitage on his achievement. More information here. Richard Armitage’s JustGiving pages here. Thanks to all those who have already […]


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