Post-matutinal Armitage jeans musings

Photo from here, h/t @xanoquita.

Here’s one edit to focus on the main stuff:

Take a second to appreciate the beauty above.


Again from this perspective, these jeans look fantastic. I want to say, again, a bit narrower than I would have thought would look good on him, but here again we see his musculature to excellent advantage. The cloth covers and displays to advantage his upper thigh muscles, but without problematic strain across the thigh. At the same time, the part of the jeans covering the shin is narrow enough that we can see the dimensions of his shin — a real problem in some of the jeans he’s worn.

See the photo at left for a comparison that clarifies what I mean. Lucas’ jeans in this picture are the kind I would buy for my boring husband to wear to a family potluck. Nothing wrong with them, they look comfortable and allow movement, but they don’t make me want to look twice or strip them off, either — the attraction of the jeans in the figure picture lies mostly in the dimensions of the flexed left thigh. Looking at this picture suggests that sizing is sometimes a real problem for him — he needs a jean wide enough to accommodate hips, buttocks, thighs, and let him move, but that means he sometimes has to accept extra fabric in the shin that makes him look less lithe than he actually is. If he goes for a jean that’s narrower in the shin, to emphasize the long leg look, he risks looking like a sausage across the thighs — with everything: things, buttocks, hips, package, compressed. This is particularly unflattering to his groin, in my opinion, and since people look there nowadays, it can be a real consideration in jeans buying.

What’s beautiful about the jeans above is we can see that he’s a powerful man throughout the thigh, but the jeans are the right dimension over the calves. Finally, the leg is exactly the right length, so that the hem hits exactly where a trouser break should hit on his shoes — making him look he was poured out of resin straight from boots to hips. Power and sophistication, energy and grace, all at the same time. Long, long, long leg line.

Finally — Jonia just posted this picture of a rear view of the jeans, and I’m adding it as a postscript because I didn’t want to rewrite what I’d already written — but if you need a sense of just how significant the problem of the well-developed buttocks and upper thighs might be in fitting him, this angle gives a really good perspective on that. What you can see here is really how his leg length risks being overbalanced by all those muscles from waist to thigh. He needs all that to work as effectively as he does, but if he were my guy, I can imagine we’d cry some tears over how to fit that gorgeous flesh inside a pant that would show it to advantage. In this picture as well, though (see my yellow arrows), you can also see exactly how the cut of the jeans maximizes the leg, gives us a good sense of the dimensions of the thigh, and deals with disciplining the way the buttocks affect the visual proportions of his body. The skinny calf lengthens the leg and evens out the proportion again without, in this case, squeezing the upper thigh so much that it looks unaesthetic.

Upon rumination, these may be my favorite jeans of his so far.

Source: Jonia on FB, who delivered this picture exactly at the right time. Thanks loads, Jonia!

~ by Servetus on November 27, 2012.

45 Responses to “Post-matutinal Armitage jeans musings”

  1. Looking smart there, eh Rich??? Great analysis! I have one observation: even wearing the most boring, unflattering jeans in the Universe would not stop me from wanting to strip them off of him…In fact, it would serve as an excuse to get rid of them: as in “RIch, those jeans are REALLY unflattering on you would you mind taking them off?” Ha ha ha.


  2. Ok, so I’m following your jean-ometry pretty much, but to my (admittedly untrained) eye, there is still something a bit off about the rear view – don’t everybody shoot me – I’m not complaining. It may well just be an odd camera angle. Do men twist in front of the mirror and wonder, “Do these jeans make my butt look big?”


    • I think the angle magnifies it, but he also has a rather large (cough). It really complicates the jacket problem. He *has* to have a jacket vent, which in turn makes the waist hard to cut … but I’ve been over this before.


    • And I thought only women had a hard time finding a good pair of jeans.


      • Men have two advantages — men’s sizing is much more standard, and most men don’t have women looking quite so closely at their jeans as this. But yes, there are men’s bodies that are extremely hard to fit.


  3. I would never normally ever dream of mentioning spelling mistakes but there are a couple of words in this post that made me giggle, not because they were wrong, but because I don’t know if they’re wrong! A reference to “things” and one to “log” has had me sniggering no end. Please forgive my filthy mind ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Oh…love the jeans!


  4. This is a really good analysis of these jeans, which fit well enough that perhaps they were made (or altered) for him at the request of the stylist? While the stylist certainly seems to be a good investment based upon recent photos, I don’t see why he (or the studio) went to the expense when Servetus does such a fantastic job and likely would have willingly donated her services to tackle the tough assignment of choosing clothes to fit his “Greek god” body type. (Including taking extensive measurements, of course!) It’s not fair that they gave that job out without putting it up for proper bid–the good Professor would have won that hands down!


  5. Sewing unit in Home Econ? I clearly wasn’t paying attention during mine.


    • yup. Plus a mother who made all my clothes till I was ten or so, and then gave me years of sewing lessons. Then interview suit shopping trips with the three men with whom I have had the closest romantic relationships. You learn a lot.


      • I wish I could sew – I have a machine, but all I generally do is jam it up! I have become quite proficient with Stitch Witch and duct tape ๐Ÿ™‚ My mother never taught me that or how to play Sheephead. ๐Ÿ˜‰


        • It’s been years. I’m up to simple repairs these days. But I enjoyed it a lot and under slightly different circumstances I might have kept up with it. Like not going to grad school.

          I refused to learn how to play Sheephead, and paid for it when I moved to Germany.


        • I come from a long line of seamstresses but can’t sew a stitch. I think once my mother started earning her own money she decided never to sew again. My grandmother told me my mother had so many clothes when she was younger, she kept them in a spare room at her uncle’s house for 2 reasons – storage and to keep her friends from borrowing them. She still has a lot of style for dressing and accessorizing. Now days everybody borrows her jewelry — she has one of the most extensive jewelry collections I’ve ever seen.


          • My mom knits and crochets too – neither of which I can do. Trying to learn it now feels like torture. I did pay attention to the cooking part though.


  6. First Jonia’s pic then this, I’m never going to get myself up off the floor at this rate! Love it! ๐Ÿ˜€


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