Last post for tonight. A few last caps of him. Richard Armitage, you were resplendent!

if you loved the premiere, please consider a gift to richard armitage’s justgiving charities to tell him so!


TORn said there will be a rebroadcast, BTW.

All the pictures I’ve seen, including a few that were posted privately, suggest that this was the suit of a lifetime. It looked really expensive — from what I could see (visible hand-stitching).

And that resplendent white shirt front — it was the key to Armitage’s successful appearance at the BAFTA 2010 awards, and here it was again. Perfect. With contrasting tie. I look forward to seeing more tomorrow.

Excellent interviewing. Didn’t say anything really new, but was polished and professional the whole time. I know some people will mourn what might appear a lack of spontaneity, but I’d rather have this than stammers.

Most of all:

I hope this was as wonderful for you as it was for us, Mr. Armitage.

It really was a surge of people around the world yelling “Richard Armitage!”

It was also a hell of a lot of fun.

Below just some caps from the end.

~ by Servetus on November 28, 2012.

15 Responses to “Last post for tonight. A few last caps of him. Richard Armitage, you were resplendent!”

  1. Sooo… score out of ten for the stylist lady? 😀


  2. Resplendent is RIGHT!!! I fell in LOVE with the tie! It’s one of my fave colours!


  3. Must go to bed – I don’t know when I might fall asleep!?


  4. Seen that there is a new message on RAonline?


    • Oh my Gosh, I have just spotted it. First time that I am officially part of the Army when he sends a message. I feel so totally addressed by it *hahaha*. modest as ever, deflecting onto his fellow cast members. Totally looooved the self-deprecating edit to the automatic iPad-PS. I soooo hope that he will be at a few European premieres (even if he doesn’t know how to spell them ;-)). Authentic Armitage…


      • I think he put that in there b/c we’re always nagging him about the cleanness of his style. So if he tells us what he wrote it on, he can blame autocorrect. 🙂

        welcome to the people who feel spoken to by these msgs.


  5. Resplendend! – Thank you for enRICHIng my vocabulary,Servetus! 🙂
    PS: Now I need to find the free space in my heart for Andy Serkis 😀


    • Love the alliteration. 🙂

      Andy Serkis is not my type in the sense that i think it might be irritating to have him around all the time, but he was really endearing last night.


  6. He did look absolutely wonderful–and I never thought he looked any less beautiful before. But he reached new heights of elegance on that red carpet, and he was still every bit of his thoughtful, kind and lovely self.


  7. Awww, loved that sweet message on RAOnline. ❤


    • It was sweet. I was a bit sorry this morning that I stopped last night and went to bed, but if I’d have received that msg, I wouldn’t have had any sleep at all and the day would have been a disaster.


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