Oh, to the be the pen in Richard Armitage’s hands

Richard Armitage, world premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, Wellington, New Zealand, November 28, 2012. Source.


It’s the camera angle. But yum.

Office hours / conferences. Let’s see if I can get a little cleanup done around here before the evening seminar starts. My email looks like … I don’t want to say.

Wow, do I have a headache.

~ by Servetus on November 28, 2012.

22 Responses to “Oh, to the be the pen in Richard Armitage’s hands”

  1. Can his smile be any sweeter?


  2. Pens, water bottles, they’re all lucky! Hope your evening goes well.


  3. Just noticed – CUFFLINKS! So beautifully retro!


  4. A view from the fan’s perspective, nice. Yeah, awkward camera angle, distoritng the hands. At least the camera fired the flash and thus filled in the light on Armitage’s face (which would otherwise have been in shadow, as the picture is taken against the sun). Sorry, I am reverting to analysis mode because I have been having too many feels today. It’s a replacement activity 😉


    • You and I are way too alike. That’s why all these caps ended up here (and, I guess, why I got slightly less than 10,000 hits today) — my feelings were *way* too intense to be trusted. Capping is a way of looking at something through a protective lens, for me.


      • Yup. My whole *ooof* series is one big replacement activity, I can tell you… attempting to channel my intense thoughts into something fruitful and useful *coughs*.
        This is my first premiere as a member of the Army, and that message has had me walking in a daze all day today. Even the fact that I was teaching 20 unwilling 18-year-olds today could not wipe the smile off my face. Oh Richard, what you do to us…
        Anyhow, I am glad you took all those caps. I wholly support your replacement activities, Servetus 😉


        • This is my second movie premiere, and I guess my fourth “event” (there were waves of excitement after the premieres of Strike Back and Spooks 9 as well). This was unparalleled. I don’t think it will be like this again — I can’t imagine what he’d do after this that would be such a big deal. Not that he won’t go on to have a great career, but the confluence of the huge event that was “The Hobbit” and his own status “on the brink” — that combination won’t happen again. After this he will always be the actor who did The Hobbit.


      • 10,000 hits? That could be just 500 of us clicking 20 times. I kept clicking back to see what you were saying. 🙂 But I’m sure there are thousands of new RA fans after last night. Thanks for all the screencaps.


        • Thanks for coming back all those times! I’m flattered.

          I don’t have the best analytics, but based on what I know, if the regular readership of this blog suddenly got absolutely maniacal, that might account for about 3000 or 3500 hits, which was what happened during ComicCon. A normal day here is 1700 hits, slightly less than 100 hits per hour — a spectacular day is 3000-3500 — slightly more. What changed this time, drastically, was the number of hits coming from Google searches. Right now I’m holding at 300-400 hits per hour. I am assuming that will fall again, but something has shifted.


          • Amazing, isn’t it?

            But of course people are doing Google searches. They saw RA, listened to him and thought, “I want to know more. RIGHT NOW.”

            I did the same thing about 6 years ago.

            Also, PJ has done an excellent job of getting his audience excited about the movie with all the video blogs, and it is going to be a tidal wave. (I hope). I hope the movie is good and that the next two are good as well.


            • And people looking for Armitage are going to find plenty in place to look at.


            • I actually don’t think that that many people already saw him. To start with, no-one has seen the movie yet and he didn’t feature heavily in the media coverage. He is there, right next to MF and PJ, where he should be, and doing the interviews for TV stations etc. but the press still doesn’t know him and a dwarf doesn’t sound too important or glamorous. Right now they focus on MF and PJ and stars like CB. Magazines have a pic of him in their articles about the red carpet (which I think hasn’t happen before) but there is no big explosion of presence in the media yet.


              • The Sydney Morning Herald had a half page spread on TH and didn’t mention RA at all. The stars mentioned were (in order) CB, Hugo Weaving, Elijah Wood, Andy Serkis and MF.

                And The Guardian had 25 photo’s up – not one of RA.


              • You’re right. This is just the beginning.


  5. I am liking the Mad Men 60’s retro look. Any retro look is very fitting for him. He is a bit of a throw back to old Hollywood. He would’ve done really well in the 1930 or 1940. He has that Jimmy Stewart like quality to him.


    • That jacket is even a bit more retro than that, with that peaked lapel style (which, I’d like to point out, I recommended for him in 2010. That stylist knows what she’s doing).


  6. His look is classic leading-man styling. Which is incredibly appealing. Like Cary Grant or Gregory Peck or Jimmy Stewart … someone stop me.


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