So what are you thinking now, Mr. Armitage?

You’ve seen the film.

You can’t tell yourself anymore that it will be any different than it is.

You’re dressed like that. Like you know how to dress. With the material of the shirt straining over your biceps.

Maybe you’ve gotten it all along.

I don’t want to fall into a sea of hype. They’re definitely promoting you, and you’re definitely cooperating.

But this suddenly feels much bigger to me, yet again.

This post mostly due to @bff222, who cleverly found the original pics and the tweets of reporters at the press conference.


~ by Servetus on November 28, 2012.

8 Responses to “So what are you thinking now, Mr. Armitage?”

  1. i just hope we get to see that conference, do you think we will?


    • There’s probably at least a 50% chance, if an NZ outfit taped it, that it will appear on the web somewhere.


    • This is part of why people like Ali of RANet are so valuable — they have searching Google Alerts down to a fine art. I don’t do that stuff, I wait for them, and then I comment, LOL.


  2. they are amazing, I don’t know how they get things so quickly. I have a feeling I might be up for some time and it is midnight here! What time is it with you?


  3. […] it another stage in this realization of what’s really happening? This was the adult Mr. Armitage signing autographs — not darling Richard. He knows what […]


  4. […] up all the time. Jonia was a major source. On the 28th there were press conferences. I wondered how Armitage was processing it all. Watched the pictures of the Maori […]


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