This surge, all over the world, screaming “Richard Armitage!”

or T-2 hours to red carpet and counting …

I decided I needed to start writing this now, because it’s going to be late when this is over and I have to teach tomorrow. This is going to be disjointed, because I think I’m going to try not to liveblog this the way I have been doing all day. It’s really got me hyped up, and I need some time to think. On the other hand, I’ve always justified doing this on the merits of having the experience. So I guess we will see what will have happened. But because I’m recording the experience I am writing this down. Whatever.

Not feeling super coherent.

There’s a group of fans in Australia who are very close to the red carpet — have been waiting there since the wee smalls — and they are getting more excited. Sound tests are going on. Pictures are being tweeted. We’re chatting about what Armitage will finally wear on the red carpet.

My blogging day has ended and on the blog, which is keyed to either Berlin or London, I forget which, it’s officially Nov. 28. Nov. 27 was my biggest blogging day ever — 9 articles and over 4,800 hits. There were hours in which I was approaching 400 hits per hour. Servetus shakes her head. Some of that was subscribers and people who come here regularly — but the biggest increase was in google searches. Something like five times the normal number of google searches today.

The world wants to know about Richard Armitage.

The tendons in my right hand hurt a little bit.

I myself am in neither Berlin nor London. I’ve locked myself in, very securely, to a place where no one expects me to be. No chance I’ll be waylaid by Pesky tonight. Here, in my own little world, I’ve connected to myself to a much more reliable data stream, set up two computers, and synched all the relevant accounts with each other, so I can flip from tab to tab and cross-platform post with additional logins. Two and a half years ago years ago, approximately — February 25, 2010 — I didn’t know how to do many of these things, or where to look for this information. Now I’m immersed in a group of data scroungers, everyone looking for the latest index of Mr. Armitage’s footprint, somewhere.

I’ve also eaten a light meal and stocked up a caffeinated drink or two in case it becomes necessary. I’ve been to the bathroom. “Time Passages” by Al Stewart is playing softly in the background, on infinite repeat. Something I do to keep myself calm — there’s something about repeated piano riff and the syncopation involved in it that achieves that. Or maybe the line about the things that you lean on being things that don’t last?

Expensive WETA Workshop Thorin Oakenshield is here, too, getting ready to watch everything with me. He looks a little grim. Determined. Thick boots on.


It’s been a day of flipping back and forth between various websites, picking up information, tweets, photos, updates. I was trying to blog earlier about Armitage’s jeans — and then at the very last second I saw a photo that illustrated a point that I had to snaffle. It’s been that kind of day, when you wonder what beautiful tidbit will cross your screen next. It totally functions on an intermittent reward system, because most of the time you flip back and forth you don’t find anything new. But then you find something stunning, and your heart just leaps for joy.

About an hour ago, I “witnessed” the news conference from Wellington on Twitter. This wasn’t in the plan, but I saw a note in the TL of someone I follow when it was starting. She had two people — reporters — she was following; I found a third; a bunch of us were RTing; there were probably about twenty fans witnessing what was happening. It involved regular refreshes and looks at pictures that were being tweeted. Someone was bothered that it wasn’t live streamed. I assume we will see all kinds of clips of it tomorrow in the NZ news.

That was just really, really intense. It’s weird, because I kept thinking to myself, “you are not there.” But that almost made it more intense — like because I was not there I had to feel things even more fully, breathe more deeply. As if the pictures were more vivid because I wasn’t seeing them. I have to say, and this is maybe strange, and maybe not, that it felt like flow. 

I feel the flow because I’m data-synched to all these other people from Wellington to Los Angeles who are looking at the same sites and joining the same stream and thinking the same thing, this huge psychic emotional connection that’s giving rise to the oceanic feeling. It’s one part nerves, one part anxiety about the data connections collapsing, one part delightful anticipation of what he’ll be wearing, one part identification with him or what might be in his mind, one part looking forward to the exchanges we’ll have while it’s happening. Maybe that’s not even everything. Lots of stuff. Sexual thrill. The feeling of being at one with a huge group of people.

It feels like there’s this surge, all over the world, screaming “Richard Armitage!”

~ by Servetus on November 28, 2012.

13 Responses to “This surge, all over the world, screaming “Richard Armitage!””

  1. What a wonderful feeling for me. I imagine this being an important time for him and though I am not sure how he defines success, I think this may be the beginning of great things to come.I am so excited for him, for us and for me that I have had to come back from lurker to poster.

    And thank you for keeping it going here. You have been great keeping us informed and united in our common affection for all things RA.


    • I’m with you Servetus. To me the the most intense part is knowing what’s about to take place after all this time of waiting for it to happen. Glad you got to experience the press conference in the way you did. Probably the next best thing to being there.


      • Part of the “rules” for the blog is the principle “it is what it is.” I experience it how I experience it (instead of pushing myself to do it differently). I’ve learned a lot from that 🙂


    • Thanks for coming back, g. I know it was a frustrating summer for everyone (me included), but I am glad to see you back!


  2. I am almost 43 years old. Right now? I’m 15, tops.


  3. He. Is. Beautiful. I can’t form words.


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