Armitage eyelashes

~ by Servetus on November 29, 2012.

22 Responses to “Armitage eyelashes”

  1. Ok, no guyliner, I can see that now. But the luscious lashes??? Is he born with it? Maybe it’s maybelline *hehe*. (Sorry, silly-giddy mood – off to bed now.)


    • Just a natural gift. Both Thornton and Standring had them too. Seriously, how could anyone say “no” to a guy with lashes like that? And at crucial points in his acting they index his emotions even when his face is still …


  2. You can’t hear me, but I am squealing over here! His eyelashes are my Kryptonite! Mmm….he is such a dreamboat! hahaha (sorry, Richard, but it’s true~) Thank you so much!


  3. Those should be illegal. How is that even possible?


  4. Gosh, how many women would kill for eyelashes like that?


  5. Richard Armitage is “lashtastic”! Butterfly kisses coming up! Sighhh!


  6. He has better eyelashes than I do! Hrmpf. 😉

    PS. Your enthusiasm definitely covered my share as I was sound asleep and therefore did not really get to share the anticipation of seeing him appear live. The many pitfalls from living on the other side of the world.


    • My breasts are nicer than his, though 🙂

      Europe was really screwed as far as this went, I thought. I’m in kind of bad shape today, but the Europeans who watched it … they were really burnt out, most of them.


      • LOL!! If it weren’t I’d be really worried. 😀

        My sole consolation is the fact a friend of mine went to NZ to be at the premiere. I think I’ve even spotted her on a picture used in the Daily Fail. So she’d better have plenty of pictures to share.


  7. He needs an eyelash curler.


  8. Pure bliss…


  9. Why do guys seem to have nice eyelashes? I live in a house where all the guys have nice eyelashes seems unfair.


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