On watching Richard Armitage in NYC from afar

I had been working on an analytical post but obviously events keep interfering. Which is not bad, this is a journey like any other. If I have to stop along the way, I have to stop along the way.

There was no live streaming. Coverage in Wellington and Tokyo spoiled us. Perhaps because they are more self-consciously remote, did they make a stronger effort to reach out than did Toronto and New York City? Was this done quietly because it was an AFI event? No idea, I don’t know enough.

My first interface was my twitter timeline, which, although the premiere has already started, is still going strong. Twitter outed itself as the way to pick up immediate news for this entire period so far. There was a lot of excitement there, and some disappointment, and above all exuberance from fans from far away who were only watching it via Twitter and desperate to hear what was happening.

RAFrenzy was in NYC and posted some videotape of Mr. Armitage exiting his car and meeting fans, here, before entering the premiere, I guess.

And I assume / hope that something will pop up here, soon.

I just have the oddest feeling and I’m trying to diagnose its origin.

Is it disappointment that I couldn’t follow this with the immediacy of Wellington?

If so, I’m getting spoiled.

Was it a feeling that not as many people were watching, as did for Wellington? Like the energy from the world of people looking and yelling “Richard Armitage” in jubilation was smaller? If so, sad, because I don’t think we’ll ever feel that again.

Is it another stage in this realization of what’s really happening? This was the adult Mr. Armitage signing autographs — not darling Richard. He knows what he’s doing now. He’s got it under control. No more sweet, shy boy. He stepped firmly out of the car and moved decisively in the direction of the fans, signed many autographs in only ca. 50 seconds, and then with the urging of his handler, a woman (who got to touch his shoulder), moved away. No uncertainty now.

I don’t know. I can’t even describe my feeling. It’s not exhilaration, it’s not sadness, it’s just … quiet?

I feel quiet?

Like this is getting normal somehow? I think the lack of instant pics has a lot to do with the lack of exhilaration. When I see a pick of Armitage, I grin. Looking at him on my screen will never seem “normal” to me.

Or quiet, like, something’s changed and I don’t know how to respond?

Fragen über Fragen. As usual.

~ by Servetus on December 7, 2012.

37 Responses to “On watching Richard Armitage in NYC from afar”

  1. I feel as Janine said, strangely deflated. I,too, was hoping for more. I thought we got photos from even Toronto more quickly than we did here in regards to RA (of course, he was the only one in Toronto, so . . .)

    As an American, I feel rather embarrassed, like there should have been more effort for that cast as a whole. As you say, it could be due to the AFI connection that it was all kept more low-key. Still . . . something niggles away at me. Deflated, not exhilarated tonight (although very happy for the ladies who did get to see/meet RA after their long, cold wait).


  2. Yes, I think the lack of instant gratification is playing a part. Twitter is not as agog as usual, or maybe it’s because many people in NA are just leaving work, and the European contingent is heading to bed? Also, it’s been one long blitz. There has to be a saturation point somewhere. Lastly, yes I also agree that RA is going thru a career rite of passage. He is changing.


  3. I think you may be on to something. The euphoria of the first few days has worn off. We are (and he is) getting used to this new status/recognition and he’s growing into the new star mode. It’s a bittersweet feeling to watch this change and it’s similar to how a parent feels as their child grows and changes. You’re so proud of them as they move on to the next stage but you still cherish the past.


  4. We’ll always have Tokyo. 😉


  5. I was disappointed that there wasn’t more coverage NY. I was looking everywhere, trying to find a stream, pictures, anything. I still want more! I’m not ready to come down off my cloud of euphoria from all the news. I see the change others have seen. It’s bittersweet.


    • It was *so* strange that there wasn’t a stream — since we now know that there were videocameras there. Maybe no one wanted to do it.


  6. I’m not surprised, he is polite and that’s all. IMO, this is a healthy way to deal with fans.
    PS: …maybe he was just tired? 😉


  7. sorry as a Brit who has been up extra early, my elderly mother is very ill. I am trying very hard to keep up what is happening, Please correct me if I am wrong can somebody please explain why the negative feelings. I beg your pardon Servetus this is my chance to sit down and look at the whole RA euphoria. I am very glad for him. But lack of sleep, I would like to know exactly wht has happened.


    • The event in NY did not offer the sort of coverage we saw with some of the other premieres. The actors were rushed along and not given the time to interact with fans as they had in other places.

      There was no actual red carpet., no live streaming.

      We only knew about what was going on thanks to fans there who were tweeting updates and RA Frenzy who filmed Richard as he stepped out of his car and came over to fans for a very brief signing.

      It just seemed like a big letdown compared to Wellington and Tokyo. Richard looked great, he was charming as always–it was just–different.


  8. I agree with Trudy, it is a bittersweet feeling watching Richard shift into movie star mode. He’s moved on from the young unknown British actor who took the Tube to the BAFTAs less than a decade ago to the polished Hobbit star who now has what looks to be his own “handler” and security bloke for appearances.
    When I look at my young adult son, I still see the baby and little boy in him and I’m assailed by mixed feelings of protectiveness, nostalgia and pride. I have those same emotions seeing Richard enter this new phase of his career, but also, at the same time, there is immense pleasure in his apparent happiness and enjoyment of the moment.
    After saying all this though, my feelings for him are definitely not motherly!


    • Mine either, Mezz 🙂

      I hope if he really wants to get to do the small movie with just one other actor, he gets that.


  9. I was a bit deflated too. I think the live streaming and party atmosphere of Wellington set the bar very high and then Tokyo was so special because of the enthusiasm of the fans. I think that’s part of it for me – the Japanese fans joy was transparent whereas the atmosphere in NY seemed cool. And a bit aggressive to my eye. We could hear someone warning “Out of my face” and another voice saying “Guys, we made a deal” (repeatedly) and then the bodyguard getting in the way. it didn’t seem like it would have been a very nice place to be, for fans or RA himself.

    But if we are talking about national embarrassment, i am way ahead of you all with the appalling debarcle of the ARIA’s. RA didn’t even get within 20 feet of his adoring (and sun burnt) fans then. A complete lack of publicity and a few 20 year olds scratching their heads and thinking the lanky dude in the leather trousers looked a bit like the baddie in RH..


    • Bolly, as a fellow Aussie, I agree with you wholeheartedly re the ARIAs debacle. I have never watched them before, then this time I sat through the “black carpet” fashion thingy (excruciating) and nearly two hours of utter boredom before Richard came on. Once he’d finished, I couldn’t wait to turn off, even if it meant missing out on him perhaps appearing again. I figured I could catch up online, only to see very little anyway. IIRC Richard was by himself in Toronto, but the ARIAs had him, Andy and Martin. What was the point in them even bothering to make the trip? Yep, I was embarassed.


    • Interesting — that happened on a day when I was teaching or something and I didn’t follow it so closely.


  10. Hi Severtus Thank you for letting me comment. I am responding to Fedoralady. Thanks for responding. I have been through a hard time the last few days , as I said in my last comment. I don’t know at the moment what is going to happen with my mother. But I had to see what was going on . Thank you very much for responding. I am sorry that it did not turn out as expected, but great to know that Richard was charming as always.


  11. Sorry for being AWOL — I got involved in a 3 hour conversation with Pesky. Look forward to what else is said, and will get back to tomorrow. I think, thinking about it some more now, that it’s almost bizarre that we’d go from excited beyond belief to blase in just a week. The social media world seems to speed everything up …


  12. Thank you. I don’t what more I can do. Its wonderful to hear some support. I will comment on Richard when I know whats happening with Mum.


  13. Thank you all for your support. I don’t feel so alone. Thank you Severtus for your blog and your updates in this wonderful time I don’t feel so alone.


  14. Well I’m still excited beyond belief!!!


    • You still have LONDON to look forward to!

      For me this is compounded by the fact that every other facet of my life is in overdrive right now, I’m sure.


  15. I think he’s tired!
    But thanks for keeping us up to date Servetus.


  16. I also think that it may seem like he’s suddenly a super star – and this week and the next m, he is. But we have yet to see exactly how much this hoopla changes things for him in a few months. Will he be hounded everywhere he goes, will 50% of Americans know his name/face?
    It’s easy to get caught up in our own little world, but there are tons of people who don’t give a hoot about The Hobbit or who is in it. He may yet recover a little anonymity here in the States for this year.
    I have little doubt, however, as the last installment of the story appear he will remain unknown. Depending on what projects he chooses in the meantime will have a tremendous effect on the level of stardom he reaches. I hope he goes for whatever work intrigues and excites him most.


    • This is a good point. A lot is going to depend on what happens next. And, heck, if he would come to my town to be anonymous, that would be fine with me.

      I think a lot of us hope this means he doesn’t just take the next thing immediately but pauses to pick something really good.


  17. Just wanted to let everyone know, My Mum is going to be ok, she has a chest infection and the doctor has given her some antibiotics. She is a tough old lady, who also likes Richard. Thanks for your kind words, I am feeling more relieved.

    My other piece of good news is that I have a ticket for the Royal premier and am hoping to meet up with Judit. I can now look forward to it. I will be happy to report back about the evening.

    I have now read the post about NYC, I love going there, and thought they could have made more of an effort.


    • Dear June, so happy to hear there is improvement with your mom. And that you are going to the royal premiere! Judit is one of my dear online friends and I am delighted you may be able to meet up with her. That would be great!! I hope you all have a wonderful time. 😀



    • Glad to hear she is doing better, and hope you enjoy the premiere and meetup!


  18. Thank you Fedoralady, I am now going to get a good nights rest, and tomorrow I will be deciding between a couple of outfits, which will be the best one for the evening. Decisions, decisions lol


  19. […] but inchoate: Thanks to everyone who commented last night. I want, I think, to add one more observation to that post. Just in case you’re tempted to […]


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