Third year, sixth candle, six and a half more hours …

215191_10151363025580259_310994671_n[Right: What we will all have to do next week, after eating all the latkes.]

Right. Sun is down. Seven candles burning in front of me. Not much longer now. I’m getting really nervous. I wonder why?

Two years ago I blogged about celebration fatigue and holidays that drag on too long.

Although I can see why one might think it, I don’t feel like I’m quite yet stuck in a holiday that’s gone on too long. I do admit that I probably need a breather from all the Hobbit excitement. Not least because I still have work to do, and a lot of stuff to prepare for next semester. I’m teaching a new research seminar in the spring. and I need to read all the books over vacation. Of which I am reminded because the graduate adviser just emailed me my TA assignment. Uch.

Also, I feel a sort of growing, almost physical tension, around these exact times. Will I be able to arrange my schedule to connect? Will I be able to join the stream? And so on. On the one hand, it’s a bit like when the World Cup is going on — every time you walk out of work, you have the feeling that something really big has happened. On the other hand, the World Cup only lasts a couple of weeks. So it will be nice to be basically done with that, and not to have the feeling that everything that’s happening is so time delimited.

I still haven’t read any reviews, but I’ve gotten the impression from things I’ve seen here and there that people are really divided on the 48 fps format. I guess I’ll see what I think …


rahobbitgiftbombforcharitynov2612gratianalOK, gang. One last request. Go over to JustGiving and leave a giftbomb! If you’ve already given, thank you! If not, why not? Send Mr. Armitage a message of congratulations, help some people out.

You’ll hear from me next after I’ve seen the film … sometime in the wee smalls, here in the Central Time Zone of the USA.

~ by Servetus on December 14, 2012.

8 Responses to “Third year, sixth candle, six and a half more hours …”

  1. Hi! sorry not related to your post, but just wanted to say that I saw the Hobbit this afternoon (private screening organized for the company I work for). It’s great! RA is awesome and especially his voice is sooo appropriate for the character. Hope you enjoy it tomorrow!


  2. Now that Ihave seen it last night, slept on it (and dreamt of him and the movie, obviously), all I want to say, is perfect casting for all the characters and specially for RA, and I need help from Will Young to express, what I felt last night and still feel:


  3. […] know now that I’ve become overly tense any first time I watch Richard Armitage do something. I think this was my first evidence of that — so that I was watching very, very closely. […]


  4. […] And, oh, yeah, Chanukkah is almost over. This is always the point at which I develop holiday fatigue, which I wrote about three years ago on the sixth night. Last year, on the sixth night, I was waiting for the HFR premiere of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. […]


  5. […] Last year I was so nervous! […]


  6. […] 2010 and 2012 on the sixth night, I blogged both times on the problem of “too much […]


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