BBC broadcaster reads Richard Armitage’s email on air

Sent to me by someone who recorded it (someone, I’m not sure if I am supposed to put your name here or not. Please advise.)

~ by Servetus on February 3, 2013.

26 Responses to “BBC broadcaster reads Richard Armitage’s email on air”

  1. I don’t often use such expressions but he, RA, is such a sweetheart!


  2. How very thoughtful and charming


  3. Hi Serv, Thanks to both of you ladies for making this recording available. Cheers! Grati


  4. An apology could have just been sent via his agent, but, ever thoughtful and polite, Richard chooses to do it himself. As kathrynruthd says, he’s a sweetheart.


  5. Always the thoughtful gentleman, and yes, an absolute sweetheart. Thanks to both you ladies for sharing this with us! 😀


  6. Great teamwork Serv and Someone!


  7. Mama Armitage has brought up one polite and considerate boy, I must say. What a dote, sending a message like that, not just a quick PFO. However, I was very disappointed; it would have been interesting to hear him speak on the subject of RIII. Plus, I always love live occasions – makes him feel more real. I hope he’ll talk to the station another time and we can all tune in!


    • I was really disappointed, too — but not surprised somehow. It might make sense to wait until tomorrow’s announcement.


      • Wow – so the remains are RIII’s, I have just heard. I wonder what RA will say now. I have, in any case, quickly signed the petition to get the project going *ggg*


  8. Fumbling sent from my IPad- so endearing of Richard


    • Yes, although I think it’s probably an automatic signature.


      • It’s an automatic signature but he personalized the out-of-the-box “Sent from my iPad” to this; it’s the same sig file as his message to the Armitage fandom from the hotel in Wellington, just before the Hobbit premiere. Unmistakably Armitage. Also, someone complained he should have Voip-ed or Skyped from the plane (was it @Frenz?) but anyone who has experienced in-flight WiFi knows it barely has enough bandwidth to email, never mind streaming any sound or video data.


  9. He hates to call attention to himself when he is not acting so, no, he would have never Skyped from the airplane even if current technology would have made it possible. To reference and paraphrase a prior comment he made in an old interview for Robin Hood, Series 3: “My mother (instead of the Sheriff) is the voice that stands in the corner of my room every night.”

    Oh, how many times have I felt like doing or saying something when, suddenly, I can ‘hear’ my mother or my father telling me not to do it! I cannot be the only one here who has experienced this phenomenon.

    I can imagine something like this:

    “Now, Rich, please remember never to call attention to yourself in public. Speak softly. Control your temper. Be polite. Have patience when people ask you stupid questions. Be kind. Be a gentleman. Be humble. When you are part of a group picture, stand in the back so you don’t tower over the shorter people. Always wear clean underwear because you never know if – God forbid – you will get in an accident. Always wash your armpits before you dress for Red Carpet events, so you can smell good. No tongue when you kiss the ladies at work; reassure them that you will not actually shag them on the office desk. Remember to smile.”

    hahaha … I’m kidding, but I bet there’s some internal dialogue going on. What can I say? Every day I thank God for his loving upbringing! After all, we are the beneficiaries!


    • *teehee* someone’s imagination is fired up here 😉 I’d say that is a very accurate internal monologue in RA’s mind… Or is that a dialogue?


      • I think internal monologue because he has mentioned in past print interviews that his mother was very upset with him that he played a character who had sex with a married woman in Ultimate Force. Of course, he said “kissed” instead.Oh, and when he filmed BTS and told his mother about “the three scenes”, she was “very upset” or something to that effect. Richard said he swore to her up and down that he was so eager to work, he signed the contract without noticing he would have to be naked and simulating sex. I can only imagine “the look” she probably gave him! He really loves her, but I’m sure she is so proper that she must frequently be mortified with things his characters do/say. She’s so cute, though! He looks so much like her! I hope they make that Richard III movie and he stars in it so our chances for finally seeing his father increase! I am dying to see what he looks like!!! haha


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