“me + richard armitage” at three years old. Stats and thanks.

DailyMailpic_10Oct09[As some know, the very first picture of Richard Armitage I ever downloaded, from the Daily Mail, October 10, 2009. Guylty *ooof*ed it here. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com]

As I think about the last three years, I declare this blog a big success!

One way to measure that, of course, though by no means the only one, is by means of its use by others.

For the record, as I hit publish on this post:

POSTS: 1,522.

HITS (note that roughly half of these have come in the last year and almost a third of these have come since August 2012 — i.e., this has mostly to do with Armitage’s increased prominence): 1,449,696.

COMMENTS: 40,260.

What’s been most popular? Hard to say.

Half the comments are ones I made, and hits are not the same as unique users, and WP changed how it reckoned its statistics after I started blogging, and a lot of people who end up on these posts aren’t reading them or certainly not all of them — but this is the only statistic I have to share so I’ll share it, with the usual caveats. The difference in hits between one and ten on this is roughly a factor of ten. Also, if I keep blogging, some of these will eventually fall off; if I look at the list of ten posts most popular in the last year, only four of these are on that list. So with that: most popular posts, since beginning of blog, as measured by number of hits.


1. “me + annabel capper: or, the limits of Armitage fangrrling, almost a year in.” December 1, 2010. With four times as many hits as the next post on the list, this one still gets hundreds of hits every week. Taken as evidence by at least one reader of my psychotic qualities, moreover, this post was one impetus for a pages-long anti-fanfic directed largely at me. (No, I’m not linking.)

2. “On the ill-fitting suits: or Armitage resartus, part 1.” June 10, 2010. Analysis of Richard Armitage’s wardrobe in various settings in light of what he wore to the 2010 TV BAFTAs. Twice as many hits as the next post on the list.

3. “Transitive property of resemblances?” February 18, 2011. Discussion of whether Armitage looks like Lara Pulver, based on a remark he made during the Robin Hood series 3 publicity. Surged to popularity when Lara Pulver appeared in Sherlock. Also gets hits from people looking for a pictorial demonstration of the transitive property. Ironic that this is so popular, because most readers didn’t think my joke was all that funny at the time  — and I think this one will eventually fall off the “most popular” list.

4. “Performing Richard Armitage, Performing Dr. Servetus, Parts I and II.” June 3, 2010. The first place where I argued something that would become an ongoing theme of the blog: That Richard Armitage was performing a version of himself in public. Sounds defensive because I’d just been attacked. In fact, I got so tired that June that I never finished that series. But looking back, I think this is fairly well expressed.

5. “How can one face say all these things?” August 9, 2011. Annotated diagram of Armitage’s face based on a screencap from Robin Hood; my most popular “diagram” post. I’m puzzled as to why this post gets so many hits. I can’t figure out what search is driving traffic here.

6. “Mr. Armitage, his fans, our pursuit of “great art,” and me as critic, part 1.” October 7, 2010. The first part of my argument, in the wake of fan restlessness over the action roles in Strike Back and Spooks 9, that which roles Armitage took didn’t matter to me. Written a few weeks before the announcement that Armitage was cast as Thorin in The Hobbit, which made the valences of those roles look very different. But I feel the general point just as strongly as I did then.

7. “Malice Aforethought: Favorite Historical Hat Moments.” September 13, 2010. Traffic to this post is generated mainly by searches relating to Wallace and Gromit. But did you know there’s an intermittent blog feature, called “Dick Heads,” that deals with Richard Armitage in hats? It’s here.

8. “And we’ll know that it’s Richard by his nose, by his nose: or, a short prolegomenon to Armitage nose logistics.” December 5, 2011. A post on recognizing Armitage from afar, the problem of the visible nose prosthesis, and what Armitage does with his nose while kissing.

9. “Miscellaneous for Hitting the Road.” August 18, 2010. Although this post mentions one of my favorite Armitage-related fanfic authors, khandy, the main thing that seems to be driving traffic to it are image searches for the model of car I own.

10. “On the abandonment of ill-fitting suits, or: Armitage resartus, part 3.” June 13, 2010. Continuation of #2, specifically about the BAFTA suit.

As an addendum — the most popular humorous post in the blog’s history:

1. “Ex-Dwarf ‘not hot enough’ for Richard III role.” August 25, 2011; written for King Richard Week 2011. In general, I tend to write humorous posts when I’m in a bad mood, and for that reason, can rarely make myself revisit them, but this one has stood the test of time, and I’m actually reasonably proud of it.

And, for the sake of honesty — here’s the post I most regret.


Thanks, Richard Armitage, for making everything possible. Gosh, you’re amazing. More amazing all the time. Congratulations on the year you had — may you continue to go from strength to strength. Thanks for providing so much to write about that I feel like I’ll never run out of material.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey - Portraits

Richard Armitage as photographed by Victoria Will, December 2012. Source: RichardArmitageNet.com. Why are you hiding your left thumb? *Ooof*ed by Guylty here.


And, it can’t be said enough, in no particular order:

Thanks to every fan who went before — and to all of the big fansites for making this blog possible, especially Richard Armitage Online and RichardArmitageNet.com, the two I use the most frequently.

Thanks to everyone who comes here — for whatever reason you come. I treasure your presence — even you lurkers! — more than ever.

I also feel the need to thank all the people whom I write about here who don’t know that I’m writing about them. (I know that’s a bit strange.) And those who do.

And I want to apologize to any and all people who I’ve hurt by writing this long document. I know there have been a few. I don’t want to pretend that I’ve always known what to do in every wituation, or that there have been no casualties from this process.

Fellow bloggers make Armitageworld a virtual destination worth visiting. I have learned valuable lessons from so many of you, and my weekly Legenda posts make an attempt to acknowledge my debts. Special thanks, for different and not always easy-to-name reasons, to RAFrenzy, Judiang, Jazzbaby1, FedoraLady, thefrencharmitagearmy, Snickers’ Mom (wherever you put the apostrophe), Jas Rangoon, ItsJSforMe, and Ana Cris.

Thanks to all the people who’ve become virtual friends over the last three years. There are a lot of you, some of you visible on the blog, others not. To all the invisible people who would prefer not to be named — thanks for staying in touch even when I am out of touch, and for keeping me sane. Among the people who are visible commentators, I’d prefer not to offend by forgetting anyone — so I’ll limit myself to saying I hope each of you knows how much I value your encouragement. I make the effort to answer comments because you are so dear to me. Getting to hear from you guys makes a lot of this worth it.

Thanks to all the people who’ve consented to be interviewed over the last three years. The conversations I’ve had with you have strengthened and enlightened me and enriched my world.

UK Expat, you’ve been unbelievable. Thanks for being there and going above and beyond with your amazing energy (or your AMAZING ENERGY!!!!, as you would put it), and for repeating things until I hear them. Also for explaining the “energy vampire.”

Thanks to my collaborator, Guylty, who gives me a serious boost of intellectual energy and a little bit of a rush every time she blogs.

And finally: thanks to CDoart, who puts loyalty and honor together in one very self-disciplined package.


I know this sounds elegiac. I hope you don’t think it’s over the top, but it feels like time to say some of these things. Next up — personal reflections.

~ by Servetus on February 25, 2013.

38 Responses to ““me + richard armitage” at three years old. Stats and thanks.”

  1. 1:27 am in Berlin where I am on a weekend break when I see this – and too tired to be write rationally and properly. Just to say this: Servetus, you have no idea how much you are giving to your readers!!! Long before I dared to get in touch, m+r had become my daily pleasure read. Your blog oozes intellect, creativity, humour, analysis, and most of all generosity. You share your knowledge and you lead by example! If I hadn’t found your blog, I would not have started *ooofing*. I sometimes wonder whether I started to *ooof* in order to be found by you??? Before this gets even more strange and garbled (1:32 now) I better stop. Thanks for all your work and for letting us share in your thoughts and ideas!


    • Three years ago I’d have scoffed that that idea — but now that I’m more Jungian in approach I like the idea of this kind of intellectual synchronicities. Hope you had a wonderful time in Berlin and thanks for the good wishes.


  2. Congrats for these 3 years!!!
    And your firts pic it´s amazing!!!
    But Richard allways looks great!!!


  3. Congratulations on three years! I hope this continues to be a place where you can process, think, grow and enjoy. I know that we as your readers appreciate what you do.


  4. Congratulations to your fantastic bloggiversary and the big achievements, Servetus !!! Your creative output is absolutely astonishing and fantastic to follow and read. I am looking forward to each of your posts and search my in-box, if there is not a new alert to be found and brighten up my day ;o)
    Oh my, Servetus. I queued up in the line of commentators here and sat upright, when I came to your last comment about me. That I would really like to be 😉 Thank you, Servetus !!!


  5. Congrats and thanks for the shout out, as always!


  6. Congratulations and thank you for your great blog!


  7. Congratulations on three years. Your blog is more thought-provoking than the newspaper and more entertaining. I read it first and I’m never disappointed. I thank you for sharing your insights and your journey, and may the coming year be more satisfying for you than the ones that have gone before.


    • Thanks, Leigh. I always look forward to what you will say. Growth is the main thing. I just have to keep growing — I can put up with a lot with that in mind.


  8. Congratulations to your blog. I’m not a blogger myself but I love visiting your blog because you always seem to have some interesting thoughts about Richard, you don’t see him only as a pretty boy. I love your blog because it’s accually more than just a fan blog even if it’s a fan blog.

    Only thing I don’t like about your blog is the post about Annabel Capper, it was little too mutch, mostly because I can never really find out if they accually have been together, it just feels wrong to her that so many people are reading about her when noone really knows her at al.

    But still I love that you go your own way in your writing and it’s good to be little controversial. So keep on your good work, I’m looking forward on reading more of your fun and intelligent posts.


    • You could say the same thing about Armitage. We read about him and we don’t know him at all. But the blog is the record of my journey as a fan, so I don’t apologize for what I write here, because I am not going to apologize for my journey.

      Thanks for reading!


  9. Congratulations, friend! Looking forward to the next three years!


  10. Hi Servetus! wow, three years! I’ve been following you for one year, so probably I still have a lot to read…. but the good thing is that I really enjoy reading your blog because it always gives me something to think about, not just about Richard, but also the life itself.

    ♥ ¡Besos y muchas felicitaciones! ♥


  11. Happy BlogBirthday, Servet. Your blog is inspiring and gives me new insight on various topics. But especially, I like the woman standing in front of it, even afraid, doubts, without approval of all , but with faith and hope, she goes on your journey of self-discovery and self-realization, an example to many who still will begin this way ! I’m glad that our paths cross and we can exchange experiences with mutual benefits!


  12. I’ve said it before but your third blogiversary is the perfect chance to say it again, I really can’t imagine Armitage Admiration without me+R and Servetus! You’ve turned blogging into an art form and you shoulder a huge responisbility of keeping the fandom together, but so many people just don’t realise what it takes to have such a successful blog. I don’t want anyone to ever take you for granted and you deserve a medal for your Armitage Admiration dedication (and it should actually be pinned to your chest by Richard himself!).
    BTW, and interesting (-ish) fact: when I fire up my laptop I check your blog out before I actually go to my own 🙂
    Happy Blogiversary!


  13. Congratulations, Servetus! Your blog was the first that I found when I was looking for anything about Armitage. And it is still my number one since two years. Thank you for all your thoughts, not only about RA. Thank you that you are!


  14. Congrats on your three years! I can’t imagine my days without reading your blog. Thanks for all your posts, cheery or not, and for not giving up.


  15. Happy 3rd Blogiversary! Forever may you RAve! (rhymes with wave, but you get my drift. Ha!)


  16. Congrats on three years of blogging. I have been there for two of those and at first off and on till your post where you say that north east Wisconsin loves Richard Armitage and my reply to that was and north west Wisconsin loves Richard Armitage too. It was not all about RA but that state also. Wow someone from Wisconsin likes RA and British TV too. But to be honest I would read your blog without RA, I feel like I am learning something every time I read what you have written. Keep up the good work and keep honest to yourself. You also got me to come out of my little hiding spot in the back to comment.


    • Guess we know he’d love NE and NW Wisconsin, huh, since he’s not afraid of snow?

      I’m so glad you’re commenting, katie70.


  17. ((Servetus))

    I’m belated here with my comments as always!!

    You’d think after 3 years of LHR – LAX travel, I’d remember:
    1. My frackin’ sunglasses
    2. That jet-lag always kicks my ass for the first few days

    Congratulations on Year 3 of this Blog and more importantly – the ongoing journey.

    I’m probably not your typical reader – but your blog has always given me an opportunity to participate in ways that are meaningful to me. I also appreciate the spontaneous meet-ups of commenters and bloggers from time to time (I’m looking at you Judiang for your helpful chat-room service on key dates).

    Thanks also for sharing your knowledge and interest in all things London, as this personally provided an invaluable service to me as an Expat working in the UK (living away from US support structures more familiar to me.)

    Thanks for bearing witness to a year of extremely stressful upheavals (2012).

    And if my letters off-blog or comments on-blog have been helpful, I am sheepishly glad, although I am the first to admit I’m pretty much just speaking of my own story most of the time. 😉

    I hope you also find pleasure in knowing your blog serves as an example of some of my favorite phenomena in physics. 😉



    • Thanks for all the thanks! Seriously — I don’t think I do all that but I’m glad we met up this way. You were right that the blog is like a radio transmitter, attracting people who need each other.


  18. Congratulations on the three year anniversary! 😀 And congratulations as well on writing on a consistent schedule, and I can’t believe you have the creativity to write so MUCH. (This is a compliment. I’m totally envious.) Wow. If your blog was a book, it would be a great big ‘un! Very impressive. You put the rest of us to shame, Professor! 😉


    • I think the energy comes from the Armitage channel — but thanks fo rthe kind words. A book … who reads books anymore? Glad you’re still in this with me.


  19. Wow! I am very late to this party! Sorry I missed your 3rd anniversary! The only excuse I have is that this was posted on my husband’s birthday – so maybe that’s why I missed it?
    Anyway – it has been great visiting here all this time, and thank you so much for your support of so many of us bloggers – and for introducing me to so much new talent.
    As for your most popular posts – I do fondly remember your suit post as being one of my favourites. But that post you regret so much, I thought was very interesting.


    • Thanks for the congratulations!

      I lost someone I treasured over that. Not on purpose — I was doing a typical INFJ thing, which is to pursue the thought extensively without regard for collateral damage. But still.


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